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Blockchain has brought on a fundamental shift in the way we carry out business transactions, banking & governance. Get up to speed with every aspect!

Crypto Master Class 2018

First held in September 2017, Crypto Summit (formerly known as ICO Summit) became the first international conference in Switzerland dedicated to blockchain crowdfunding.

We have made all of the most important videos from our Crypto Summit available so you can gain in-depth understanding of blockchains and cryptocurrencies!

Course I: Introduction on Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Learn about the current state of blockchain technology and how it really can be a revolution!

(Class 1 of 5)

Global State of Crypto
Alex Tapscott
(Class 2 of 5)

Democratization of access to wealth
Olga Feldmeier
(Class 3 of 5)

Cryptocurrencies and the Post-Legal Tender Age
Jon Matonis

(Class 4 of 5)

Origins of Crypto Valley
Niklas Nikolajsen
(Class 5 of 5)

How Blockchain Technology will Transform Society
Fireside chat with Olga Feldmeier, Bill Barhydt & Vinny Lingham

Course II: Dive deeper into Blockchain Technology

Learn about protocols, security and the future of decentralized exchanges

(Class 1 of 5)

The Race For The Winning Protocol
Charles Hoskinson
(Class 2 of 5)

Security of Crypto Assets - How to protect your wealth?
Eric Larchevêque (Ledger), Julien Bringer (Smart Valor), Lewin Böhnk (Crypto Finance AG), David White (KeyBox), Moderator: Dinis Guarda (Lifesci)
(Class 3 of 5)

Launching a Blockchain Project - Best Practice from Polychain
Tekin Salimi (Polychain Capital)
(Class 4 of 5)

Decentralized Exchanges - The Dream and the Reality
Richard Olsen (Lykke Corp), Konstantin Gladych (Changelly), Pavel Kravchenko (Distributed Lab), Patrick Baron (Ambisafe Financial)
(Class 5 of 5)

What is different about Tezos protocol?
Kathleen Breitman

Course III: Invest in Crypto

Learn about the principles of investing in blockhain projects and the tokenization of real assets.

(Class 1 of 6)

Beyond Bitcoin - How to invest in crypto assets
Marc Bettinger (Forctis AG), John Pfeffer (Pfeffer Capital LP), Ivo Sauter (Falcon Private Bank), Moderator: Richard Titus (ARK)
(Class 2 of 6)

Unlocking the Future of Crypto Investing
Bill Barhydt (ABRA)
(Class 3 of 6)

Real Assets on the Blockchain - Merging the Real and Crypto Economy<
Mattias Hjelmstedt (Utopia Music), Nicolas Brand (Lakestar), Olga Feldmeier (Smart Valor), Mathias Bucher (Diamond Digital AG), Moderator: John Hargrave (Media Shower)
(Class 4 of 6)

Investing in Crypto - Lessons Learned
Tim Draper
(Class 5 of 6)

How to value a token
John Hargrave
(Class 6 of 6)

The Rise of Crypto Hedge Funds
Ruslan Gavrilyuk (TaaS Fund), Vinay Gupta (Hexayurt Guy Capital Partners), Joe DiPasquale (BitBull), Moderator: Vincent Everts (Blockchain Innovation Conference)

Course IV: Initial Coin Offerings (ICO)

Learn about ICO fundamentals, regulations and the development of ICOs as a new way of financing.

(Class 1 of 5)

The recipe for a successful ICO
Ransu Salovaara (TokenMarket), Daniel Haudenschild (Swisscom), Nicolai Oster (Bitcoin Suisse AG), Thomas Nägele (NÄGELE Attorneys at Law), Andreas Glarner (MME), Moderator: Jamie Burke (Outlier Ventures)
(Class 2 of 5)

How ICO will morph into IPO 2.0
Oliver Bussmann
(Class 3 of 5)

Update on Swiss regulatory approach to ICOs
Andreas Glarner (MME)
(Class 4 of 5)

Global competition for a leading blockchain hub
Joerg Gasser (Federal Department of Finance), Ruedi Noser (FDP), Nicolas Burer (digitalswitzerland), Günther Dobrauz (PwC), Moderator: Olga Feldmeier (Smart Valor)
(Class 5 of 5)

Venture Capital vs. ICO
Alexandre Azoulay (SGH Capital), Stefan Klestil (Speedinvest), Michael Sidler (Redalpine), Christian Saller (Holtzbrinck Ventures), Moderator: Richard Muirhead (OpenOcean)

Course V: Blockchain applications

Learn about blockchain technology disrupting Banking, Transportation & Healthcare.

(Class 1 of 6)

Identity on the Blockchain
Vinny Lingham (Civic)
(Class 2 of 6)

Blockchain in Healthcare: The Cure Chain Manifesto
Steve Papermaster (Nano Vision)
(Class 3 of 6)

Blockchain in Transportation: VIMANA
Evgeni Borisov (VIMANA)
(Class 4 of 6)

Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence
Jamie Burke (Outlier Ventures)
(Class 5 of 5)

Blockchain in Banking: The Future - Where DLT and AI Will Take It
Sam Chadwick (Thomson Reuters), Markus Locher (Credit Suisse), Thomas Power (9 Spokes), Mauro Casellini (Bank Frick), Moderator: Sebastian Baerhold (IDnow)

BONUS: Find your next investments

Watch the best ICO pitches at Crypto Summit 2018 and find out about ICO investment opportunities.

(ICO Pitch 1 of 5)

ICO Pitch: 4 Top ICO Projects
Projects: Etherisc, LiveTree Adept, CEDEX, Essentia, Moderator: Felix Simon (Smart Valor)
(ICO Pitch 2 of 5)

ICO Pitch: 5 Top ICO Projects
Projects: POPCHEST, IPCHAIN, Smart Containers, SwissRealCoin, B21, Moderator: Felix Simon (Smart Valor)
(ICO Pitch 3 of 5)

ICO Pitch: 7 Top ICO Projects
Projects: neoplace, Hive Power, ShareWorld, papyrus, pavocoin, The Rouge Project, Paymium, Moderator: Ralf Glabischnig (Lakeside Partners)
(ICO Pitch 4 of 5)

ICO Pitch: 6 Top ICO Projects
Projects: Eligma, Utrust, Bluenote, Ubex, ORBI NETWORK, AmbitMining, Moderator: Anu Bhardwaj (Women Investing)
(ICO Pitch 5 of 5)

Pitch Battle 
Winner Announcement and Closing Remarks