VALOR Prime and SV NFT Offering

Our Mission: to tokenize real assets facilitating move to the metaverse

What is VALOR Prime

  • Launched in Beta, VALOR Prime is an NFT marketplace for rare investable assets.
  • Users can buy art NFTs with cryptocurrencies through MetaMask.
  • VALOR Prime is integrated into SMART VALOR exchange, enabling fiat transactions.

    What is SV NFT Offering

    Create your own NFT marketplace on the top of your marketplace using our white-label solution

    Utilize SMART VALOR as a Physical Validator to issue tokens backed by physical assets (pending regulatory authorization)

    Tokenize your assets and place them for sale and trading on VALOR Prime

    • Attain ultimate proof of authenticity

    • Create counterfeit-free secondary market

    • Offer your assets for sale to a segment of 220
      million segment of crypto users

    • Create a digital twin of your asset which can be
      used in virtual worlds and metaverses


    Advantages of using SV NFT Offering

    Outsource technology and shorten time-to-market

    SMART VALOR's NFT marketplace white-label solution is developed by a crypto native company which has proven track-record operating digital asset exchange

    Offer your customers all payment options

    Your customers can use crypto and traditional payment methods due to integration with the SMART VALOR exchange.

    Give your customers secure custody

    Your customers don’t need to be crypto freaks and know how to safely store digital assets – we take care of custody. SMART VALOR is an authorized custodian, approved by Financial Market Authority of Liechtenstein.

    Follow compliance requirements

    As an authorized exchange we operate according to European AML Directive 5, ensuring KYC (Know Your Customer) and real time, on-chain transaction monitoring.

    Whom is the SV NFT Offering for

    Most of the assets will be tokenized and become usable in the metaverse. Currently, the first are appearing such as:

    Marketplaces for art, collectibles and other precious items

    Luxury goods producers such as watch producers and high-end jewellery

    Other marketplaces for precious and luxury assets

    Collectors and distributors

    Key facts about NFTs

    • NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token, representing a unique cryptographic token that was created and recorded on a decentralized database called a blockchain.

    • Despite its digital nature, each NFT is unique and cannot be duplicated or copied.

    • NFTs can be used to represent any type of real-world items like artwork, collectibles, precious real assets, game items, intellectual property and real estate.

    • Creating a token representing these real-world assets (“tokeninzing“ ) allows them to be bought, sold, and traded instantly, globally, peer-to-peer at the fraction of cost of traditional systems


    What are the benefits of NFTs?

    01 Proof of ownership

    NFT tokens cannot be duplicated. The ownership is immutably recorded on the blockchain.

    02 Instant transferability

    NFTs are instantly transferrable: peer-to-peer, 24/7, globally, no intermediaries needed.

    03 Protection of authenticity

    NFT is a unique cryptographic object, which despite its digital nature cannot be counterfeited, just like Bitcoin.

    What is Physical Validator

    • The physical validator is a permit introduced in Liechtenstein in 2020, part of the new Blockchain Act (TVTG).

    • The purpose behind the physical validator is to ensure that the asset-backed token is really backed by the physical asset it represents.

    • A physical validator permit work to ensure the enforcement of property rights within the meaning of property law that are represented by the tokens on a blockchain.


    The responsibility of the Physical Validator is to ensure that

    • according to TVTG law, the respective company initiating the token generation is the actual owner of the object
      at the time of the token generation;

    • a collision of rights concerning the same object is avoided;

    • the owner of the token has a direct claim against the insurance company.

    Physical Validator the last missing puzzle piece in the big game of real asset tokenization

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