Our Vision: to become the World's First Security Token Exchange for Alternative Investments

We support tokenization of Digital Assets and provide listing and trading of cryptocurrencies limited to payment and utility tokens

  • AML/KYC compliant platform

    The SMART VALOR platform provides smooth and seamless client on-boarding.

  • Secure access to new digital assets

    Improve the performance of your portfolio through adding new alternatives such as cryptocurrencies.

  • Easily buy, sell and trade your favorite markets

    Invest in digital asset offerings limited to payment and utility tokens anytime 24/7, anywhere.

SMART VALOR Platform Components

The components of the SMART VALOR platform will evolve and expand over time. Most will be open source with external contributors able to build applications on top of the platform.

Some of the main components will be:

Digital Asset Platform

SMART VALOR is working on becoming a fully licensed exchange for security tokens in the future.

Decentralized auctioning marketplace

Price discovery and liquidity creation via smart contract-based auctions and dark pools.

Governance and voting engine

The community can vote on decisions, contribute to polls, introduce petitions, etc.

Secure custody for crypto assets

Today we provide enterprise-grade custody solution in partnership with BitGo and Ledger.

Portfolio management

User-friendly dashboard for desktop and mobile to manage, update and review your investment portfolio.

Authentication and identity

Robust protocols are in place to authenticate and manage user IDs. Multi-factor authentication is implemented.

Consortium and public blockchain

The Protocol Layers connect consortium and public blockchains as needed.

Rewards and bounty programs

Active stakeholders and issuers can earn participation rewards on the SMART VALOR Platform.

Users of the Platform

The exchange brings together 4 players from different sides


Invest in digital asset offerings limited to payment and utility tokens anytime 24/7, anywhere.

Community Contributors

Help to shape the future of finance and earn monetary rewards for your expert knowledge contribution.

Asset Issuers

Tokenize your digital assets limited to payment and utility tokens on SMART VALOR currency exchange benefiting from frictionless KYC/onboarding and new investor audiences.

Service Providers

Cement your position at the forefront of new financial technology by promoting your support services to a captive audience.

SMART Benefits

Benefits for investors
Benefits for asset issuers

Secure and compliant access to new digital assets

Simple and efficient way to structure a portfolio

Access to previously unavailable attractive investments

Access to safe-haven wealth protection

Better access through cryptocurrency and mobile payments

AML/KYC Compliant Platform

The SMART VALOR platform is operated by SMART VALOR AG Liechtenstein as a currency exchange.

Two things where we are better than everybody else: we build delicious tech in line with regulation.

In only 12 months we built an exchange for any kind of digital assets, currently limited to payment and utility tokens.

Our roadmap: staged roll-out starting with cryptocurrencies and utility tokens, extending offers to security tokens after necessary licenses have been obtained.

On the regulatory side SMART VALOR is ahead of the competition: operation of a currency exchange in Liechtenstein and non-custodial brokerage business in Switzerland.

Implementation roadmap

The full implementation of SMART VALOR platform in six phases:

Phase 1

FoundationMilestones achieved

Q2 2017 – Q1 2018
  • Selected by Thomson Reuters for Incubator
  • Exchange prototype fully functional on a private chain
  • Established Crypto Summit - Switzerland’s largest conference
  • Core team established
Phase 2

Operational readinessMilestones achieved

Q2 2018 – Q3 2018
  • Development of core exchange components completed
  • Submitted and received Financial Intermediary status (Switzerland)
  • Onboarding first institutional investors
  • Preparations for registration of crypto-fiat exchange (Liechtenstein)
  • Custody partnership with Ledger
  • New office opened in Munich (Germany)
Phase 3

Launch of SMART VALOR platformMilestones achieved

Q4 2018 – Q1 2019
  • Cryptocurrency exchange (Liechtenstein)
  • Integrated custody, KYC solution, payment gateways, wallets
  • VALOR token sale executed on the platform
  • Exchange opened for test users and early access program
Phase 4

Digital Asset Exchange Go-liveMilestones achieved

Q2 2019 – Q3 2019
  • Trading in top 3 cryptocurrencies enabled
  • Integration of credit card purchase functionality
  • Integration of 4 fiat currencies: CHF, EURO, USD, GBP
  • Listing of VALOR on 4 exchanges
  • Addition of further cryptocurrencies and advanced trading view
Phase 5

Preparation for security token extension

Q4 2019 – Q4 2020
  • Pre-application for necessary licenses submitted
  • Listing of first security tokens backed by shares, bonds and funds after necessary licenses have been obtained
  • Auctioning, governance and voting engine integration
  • Security tokenization engine integration
Phase 6

Decentralized marketplace

2021 onwards
  • Rapid expansion of listed tokens
  • Functionality for decentralized custody and trading extended
  • Portfolio management tools
  • Growth of exchange partnership network for global liquidity
  • Advanced functionality for incentivizing decentralized value creation
  • Large ecosystem established driving the open source functional extension