Introducing the VALOR Platform

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The VALOR Platform demos at Finovate Europe 2018

Cryptocurrencies + Tokenized Assets = Democratized Access to Wealth

Finovate Europe 2018 has always been a big milestone for the SMART VALOR team. This was the event at which we planned to demo the VALOR Platform for the first time.

And we did it, right on schedule! It was exhilarating to show the audience in London our vision for the first decentralized marketplace for tokenized investments.

The VALOR Platform is a decentralized marketplace for tokenized investments.

What does this mean? Well, anyone anywhere in the world can invest (as much or as little as they would like to) in investments that were previously inaccessible to them. Instantly, from a computer or mobile phone, and with no intermediaries or high fees. Think of the VALOR Platform as the Amazon of global investments: Investments which are divided into tokens that are issued on the blockchain, and governed by smart contracts.

Through tokenization, assets become more liquid and accessible. Consider what it takes to invest in venture capital or fine art right now – investors need millions, and can’t liquidate for 10+ years. Tokenization brings vast new opportunities to both investors and asset owners.

Tokenization enables fractional ownership, as investors can purchase as little or as much of an asset as they want to. These tokens are also highly liquid and can be traded on secondary markets – so if an investor needs to cash out at any time, they can do so.