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Referral Program

What is the Referral program?


SMART VALOR offers the ability to invite friends to the platform and earn a reward in the process. Your friends also benefit from this as both of you receive the same reward.


What do I need to do to participate?


If you want to participate in this program you need to first log into the platform and go into the “Invite a friend” section which can be found on the sidebar on any page of the exchange. After that, you need to copy your referral link and send it to a friend so that they can sign up and count towards your referrals.


What does my friend need to do?


In order to count as a participant and for both of you to receive the rewards, your friend needs to perform the following:

  • Sing up to the platform using the provided referral link and fully verify their account.
  • Make a crypto purchase of any kind worth at least 100 CHF using either a credit/debit card or a bank transfer within the first 3 months of signing up.

What are the Terms and conditions of this program?


The program has the following Terms and Conditions:


  • Both parties must have a fully verified account on SMART VALOR in order to participate in this referral program.
  • Rewards will only be distributed if the referred customer has purchased at least $100 CHF worth in a cryptocurrency using a credit card or bank transfer within 3 months of signing up.
  • Once the referred friend has successfully purchased the minimum amount of crypto, both parties will receive $10 CHF worth of BTC within 7 days of the purchase.
  • Users can refer as many friends as they would like.
  • The General Terms and Conditions of the SMART VALOR platform apply.
  • SMART VALOR reserves the right to end change or cancel this program at any time.


I referred a friend but we didn’t receive a reward after 7 days, why is that?


Customers from certain countries are not allowed to participate in this program. The following countries are on this restriction list:


  • Indonesia, Nigeria, Algeria, Bangladesh, Bolivia, China, Ecuador, Macedonia, Morocco, Nepal, Pakistan, Serbia, The United States of America, Iran, Iraq, and North Korea


Please note that this list may be updated at any time, based on an internal review process.


If your friend is not from one of these countries please make sure that they have used your link correctly and performed the needed steps to earn the reward. If all seems to be in order, please reach out to our Customer Support to check this out for you.

Where are my referrals tracked?


In the “Invite a Friend” section you can see all of your referrals.

Participants that have successfully used your link and have registered will appear under the “Friends registered” counter.

Participants that have successfully performed all steps to receive a reward will appear under the “Friends contributed” counter.

These counters can be found on the right-hand side of the section and look like this:

Disclaimer: Referral links can only be found on the platform and follows the following format: with the X-es representing the individual code of the referrer. If the part of the link before the referrer code is different than displayed then it is most likely not legitimate.

Trading competitions

What are Trading competitions?


SMART VALOR offers occasional promotional events focused on trading on the platform. In these events, you can compete with other traders on the platform and win rewards. Each campaign lasts a certain amount of time where your trading activity on the platform counts towards your performance in the rankings. Each campaign focuses on different types of trading, with different currencies being provided at the end as a reward. Some of the campaigns even have additional challenges that can earn you bonus rewards.


How will I be notified about competitions?


We send out emails to all customers with information about upcoming competitions, along with the start and end dates and terms for participation.  The rankings are also publicly available so you can track your performance compared to other traders.


What determines my performance?


Your performance is based on your total trading volume during the competition. For most campaigns, you are directly competing to have the highest trading volume out of all participants. Your placement determines how high your reward is, and other traders passing your performance moves you down and thus decreases your reward amount. Constantly trading is the key to success here.

Some campaigns however are based on a bracket-style system, this means that your rewards are based on that trading tier you have reached. Each tear is assigned a volume range, that determines when you enter it and when you move up to the next one. Your placement in the leaderboards, outside of the top 5 traders, does not change your reward amount. If you have traded as much or more than any given tier, you will get the reward amount for that tier.


I’ve won, how do I receive my reward?


Your rewards are distributed at the end of each trading competition. Our team reviews the rankings and each participant to ensure that everything is in order before rewards are calculated. Once the rewards are calculated we announce the rankings and reward earnings publicly. After this, the rewards are allocated which can take up to 5 working days.



Disclaimer: SMART VALOR reserves the right to disqualify participants, who do not follow the terms of the competition or the general terms of the platform.

Special campaigns

Zero Fee Campaigns


Zero Fee campaigns are promotional events that allow customers to purchase cryptocurrencies on the SMART VALOR platform without any fees.


Why am I still paying a fee when making a purchase?


During the campaign, you are still paying the required purchase fees, but the total amount you pay is tracked and then later returned to you in the form of a VALOR reward. While Zero Fee campaigns can last multiple months at a time, fee returns are usually distributed every 2 to 3 weeks.

Quiz campaigns


In this type of campaign, you can take a quiz that tests your knowledge on a particular topic in the crypto sphere and allows you to earn rewards. The rewards can range from extra crypto with every purchase you make for a certain time, to crypto bonuses allocated to your account at the end of the campaign.


These types of campaigns are rarer so keep your eyes open for when they are available!



There are other types of campaigns and promotions that we are working on at all times. We will notify you as soon as any starts, as well as provide you with all information needed to participate and receive rewards.


If you have an idea for a promotion or campaign you’d like to see on the SMART VALOR platform, please let us know by contacting our Support. We’d love to hear your ideas and see how and if we would be able to implement them.