Wealth Management

Ändrat den: Monday, December 12, 2022

What is Wealth Management?

SV Managed Account is a trusted wealth management solution provided by cryptocurrency experts. With this service, you can invest in cryptocurrencies with minimal knowledge, time, or input.


Family offices and individual investors who are interested in gaining exposure to cryptocurrencies and other digital assets face a variety of challenges such as the difficulty of asset selection, fast-moving volatile markets, and security concerns over custody.


SMART VALOR is the only Swiss company operating an authorized full-service digital asset exchange, which also provides wealth management services for family offices and individuals.


Wealth Management Service Offering


We offer three types of discretionary mandates


Passive investment strategy

Creation portfolio of mid-term holdings consisting of cryptocurrencies, blockchain protocols, DeFi, and other digital assets.


Active investment strategy

Systematic build-up and active management of Bitcoin portfolio utilizing price trends.


Manage existing portfolio

We manage your existing crypto portfolio including restructuring and yield optimization.

Why Wealth Management might be for you?

Crypto and digital assets are the most complex asset classes today. Investing successfully in crypto is a full-time job, which requires an understanding of underlying blockchain technology.


If you:

  • Don’t have time to follow markets and relevant news on a daily basis
  • Don’t have experience with trading and technical analysis
  • Don’t have the technical background to secure your personal keys yourself or to protect your accounts with 2FA & other security measures
  • Want to invest more than 100.000 CHF or more
  • Then Wealth Management provided by SMART VALOR could be a great solution for you.


Why you should invest in crypto even if you don’t have the needed knowledge and time.


  • Price-performance

Bitcoin has been the top-performing asset in the last 7 years with an average annual return of 280%. The price is expected to follow the 4-year halving cycle.

  • Inflation protection

Protect your wealth from inflation. Global debt has reached $255 trillion. In contrast to the current expansion of the fiat monetary base, the Bitcoin supply is limited to a maximum of 21 Million Bitcoins.

  • Technology investment

Blockchain is one of the biggest technological innovations of our time. Invest directly in companies and projects building decentralized applications.