Say hello to your perfect companion: the SMART VALOR app.

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

You read that right. SMART VALOR is taking things mobile. 

Life is pretty much on the go 24/7 and that’s why all the essentials need to fit into your pocket. Your investments are no different.  

So we made your perfect travel companion, no matter where you are or where you’re going: the SMART VALOR app.  

Buy your crypto whenever, wherever 

It’s 2023 and about time you lived your life without limitations. The same is true for how you manage your money.  

With our app, you can break free from the desk and buy, trade and convert your favourite cryptocurrencies, Stablecoins and DeFi tokens anywhere, anytime and in seconds.  


Safety first, every time.  

No matter whether you’re at home, catching the train to work or relaxing on the beach, safety is always a top priority.  

With our app, we’ve made managing your money on the more secure than ever. SMART VALOR’s app comes with the same institutional grade security as our web platform. Your assets are safe behind the multi-level security concept that makes SMART VALOR as trusted as it is today. 


Your portal to Europe’s most unique exchange 

We’re more than just a pretty face. In fact, SMART VALOR is something of a trailblazer.  

We’re the first NASDAQ North listed digital asset exchange in Europe. Regulated under the Blockchain Act of Liechtenstein. Headquartered in Switzerland.  

We’re serious about raising the bar for industry best practices and putting our customers first, every time. Here’s what this means for you: the best business practices in Europe and a transparency-first policy.  

With the SMART VALOR app, you’ve got all this and more, right in your pocket.  


A wallet choice that never goes out of fashion 

Have you ever thought about all the wallets you’ve ever had? Most of them don’t age that well. Heavy, leather and they all fall apart over time. Besides, ruining the fall of those trousers that suit you so much with a great big wallet is not a good look.  

That’s why our app comes with an integrated wallet that weighs nothing at all and goes well with all your outfits, even that shirt your partner hates.  

Your assets are ready, accessible and secure whenever you want to check, trade or exchange, no matter how big your bags are. 


Serious security, without the hassle 

You can get fully verified on the SMART VALOR app using only your smartphone in less than 10 minutes.  

If you feel like you’re ready to let the ultimate companion into your life, then we’ve got good news for you: the SMART VALOR app is now available for Android users here.  

We’re just crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s on the iPhone version and will have it ready in all its glory very soon.  

We’re going to be dropping new app features, news and updates on our social media channels, so make you’re following us to catch up with the latest at SMART VALOR:  

Get the SMART VALOR app for Android now. iPhone coming soon. 


An extra special (limited) offer:

We're doing something extra for the launch. From 27.04 until 11.05, SMART VALOR customers can buy any crypto with fiat with zero fees. 

That’s right! 0. 

Because special occasions are worth celebrating.