The Security Token Exchange for Alternative Investments

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What do we do?

We tokenize, list and trade alternative investments such as shares in a private companies, venture capital funds, real estate and digital assets.

Our Services

Token Sales Execution
  • We onboard your investors according to Swiss/EU KYC/AML.
  • We handle your fiat and crypto payments.
  • We distribute Tokens into you investors wallet.
  • We write the smart contract for your security, utility or payment token.
  • We run audit on your smart contract.
Token Exchange Listing
  • We list your security token on SMART VALOR exchange (starting Q3 2019).
  • We list your utility token for initial or secondary listing on SMART VALOR exchange.
Structuring STO
  • We advice on structuring of your Security Token Offering
  • We connect you with specialized legal advisors.
Crypto OTC Services
  • We sell and buy large amounts of cryptocurrencies.
  • We advise on optimal timing and exposure to digital assets.
Crypto Exchange
  • Trade top cryptocurrencies and vetted utility tokens on the Swiss/Liechtenstein-based fully compliant cryptocurrency exchange (starting Q2 2019).

Investment Products

Blockchain and tech-related startups
Young companies that would like to issue their shares in the form of tokens.
Blockchain infrastructure projects
These include protocols, decentralized infrastructure (payment, storage computation) and crypto mining
Non-Fungible assets
These include real estate, art, crypto collectibles, etc.
Non-Blockchain infrastructureTraditional infrastructure and project financing including renewable energy, transport, utility, healthcare and communication.
Crypto Fund
Funds refer to crypto funds, venture capital and private acuity funds, etc.
Metals and commodities
These include diamonds, gold, and other precious metals.
Intangible Assets
Including intellectual property rights, patents, music rights, etc.
These include cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin), crypto-fiat currencies (Tether and CHFt) and stable coins (MakerDao, Basecoin), etc.

Our mission

Just as the internet democratized access to information, the blockchain will democratize access to value. Building on this technology, the mission of SMART VALOR is to democratize access to best-of-breed finance and provide frictionless and secure access to alternative investments.

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Our ratings
  • Europe's Top 10 Most Exciting Technology SME's for 2018
  • Nominated for best investment value award by HKIBFA
  • Won Award for best B2B interaction Design 2018