The native cryptocurrency powering the SMART VALOR ecosystem The native cryptocurrency powering the SMART VALOR ecosystem

VALOR token is legal, transparent and accessible. Become a key contributor in the next generation of digital assets.


How are people using VALOR? 

From running the governance on VALOR Prime to saving fees on our crypto exchange, VALOR has plenty of utility.  



VALOR Live Price Chart

Market stats

Market cap

CHF 13.65 M

Total supply

75,000,000 VALOR


CHF 0.1365

Price change (7d)


What VALOR holders say

SMART VALOR is built on support from a community made up of the world’s leading investors and visionaries. Here’s what some of the top investors behind SMART VALOR have to say: 




“Exceptional track record”

The big vision of the company and exceptional track record of the founding team were the core reasons why we decided to invest in SMART VALOR. They became the first to take on the real asset tokenization opportunity.

Daniel Gutenberg
Award-winning angel investor focusing on technology companies



“First blockchain company”

SMART VALOR was the first blockchain company to be selected in Venture Incubator’s investment portfolio because of its unique position on the crossroads of decentralized finance, technology and regulation. 

Cyrill Osterwalder
Managing Partner. Venture Incubator VC



“Innovative exchange infrastructure”

It really impressed me that the SMART VALOR team was able to build and scale a complex exchange infrastructure for digital assets within a very short time frame.

Bettina Hein
Award-winning angel investor focusing on technology companies

How to Buy VALOR in Three Steps


  • Create your new account here at SMART VALOR and verify your identity.

  • Choose your preferred payment method: We currently support credit card and bank transfer payments.

  • Buy VALOR. You can buy as much or as little as you like.


VALOR Institutional Investors 

Leading funds and family offices from Europe, the USA and Asia have invested in VALOR.

VALOR means Transparency

The sheer unprecedented level of transparency that blockchain technology enables is something Wall Street could only aspire to.

Every VALOR can be traced back to its origin and each VALOR fund has its own public address. With its transparency, SMART VALOR is best-in-the-industry for token governance. 


Total Supply
75’000’000 VALOR

15’000’000 VALOR
15’000’000 VALOR

Development Fund:

50’615’105 VALOR
50’615’105 VALOR

Circulating Supply:

4’542’096 VALOR
4’542’096 VALOR

Team Fund:

2’984’298 VALOR
2’984’298 VALOR

Growth Fund:

1’858’501 VALOR
1’858’501 VALOR

Liquidity Fund:

Development Fund 2030
Development Fund 2030

Purpose of the fund – to help SMART VALOR marketplaces succeed. To be gradually released over the next 10 years. Deployment of the fund is decided by the votes of VALOR holders. 

Team Fund 2027
Team Fund 2027

Set up in 2017 to attract and hire the best talent for the decade to come, this fund is used conservatively. Only 12% of the fund has been allocated to employees, contributors and advisors so far. This way, the interests of the team and other token holders are fully aligned.

Growth Fund 2017
Growth Fund 2017

The fund was set up in 2017 to support network growth through campaigns, bounties and airdrops. This fund is still not completely deployed and can be used in the future.

Liquidity Fund
Liquidity Fund

Since VALOR was first listed in April 2019, the Liquidity Fund has been used to improve VALOR liquidity on platforms and exchanges. This fund is still in use and may be increased in the future. 


VALOR News and Events



Stakeholder Quarterly Update

SMART VALOR always stays in close contact with all its stakeholders. 

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