Unlocking Global Markets: Elonn.AI's Strategic Partnership with Leading Korean Exchange and Wallet Provider

Thursday, January 25, 2024

We are thrilled to announce our first partnership with Bithumb, Korea's leading wallet provider Buritto. Buritto will seamlessly integrate Elonn.ai's features into its wallet interface, granting Korean investors immediate access to top-tier market news analysis and research reports generated by AI in their native language.

South Korea as the first country for B2B growth

In terms of the geographic footprint, we begin our expansion journey in Asia, with a special focus on Korea, the largest crypto market in Asia, often accounting for up to 30% of global trading volume.

This partnership is an exceptional showcase of how AI technology can enhance investment outcomes for crypto investors worldwide, and we're eager to continue this journey towards a more accessible and informed crypto landscape.

The landscape of exchanges and investment platforms is undergoing a radical transformation, ushering in a new era of simplicity and personalized guidance. Say goodbye to overwhelming screens filled with charts, order books, and market news; what remains is your trusted investment advisor – an AI companion, tailored to your needs, and specialized in crypto investments.

AI Democratizing Investment Expertise

At Smart Valor, we understand that the complexity of modern trading interfaces can often leave investors awestruck and inactive. The abundance of choices, intricate charts, and complex data overwhelm rather than empower. The fundamental question for most investors isn't how to execute a trade at a slightly lower spread or price; it's more straightforward: What should I invest in, and when?

In the past, access to dedicated investment advisors or research analysts was a privilege reserved for the wealthy, often associated with High Net Worth (HNW) banking. For the average retail investor with limited resources, having a personal investment analyst or advisor was simply unattainable.

However, the tide is turning. What was once expensive and elusive is on the brink of becoming affordable and accessible, thanks to the march of technology over the past century. Just as innovations like lamps and mobile phones became ubiquitous, banking and investments are entering a new era – the era of AI.

Successful launch of Elonn.ai

We at Smart Valor firmly believe that the breakthroughs exemplified by ChatGPT have signalled that the time for embracing AI across all industries has arrived. Last year, we embarked on a mission to create an AI-agent capable of replacing human investment research analysts. Our goal is clear: to provide every average investor with a personal research and investment advisor, ultimately leading to superior investment outcomes and unlocking economic freedom for individuals who might otherwise never have the opportunity.

Under the brand Elonn.ai, we introduced an app initially offering two key functions: AI-based investment news analysis and AI-generated research reports. The app garnered tremendous success, amassing 20,000 users within weeks of its launch.

Global Expansion with Elonn.ai

In this quarter, as part of Elonn.ai's 2024 roadmap, we're expanding globally with our multilingual market intelligence solution. Leveraging multilingual Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, we will be delivering market analysis tailored to local markets in local languages. Multilingual NLP represents a fascinating branch of AI, enabling the analysis of data from diverse language sources and unlocking previously untapped global insights.

A prevalent issue in the industry is that while key news and media predominantly use English, a significant fraction of investors do not. Local media and YouTubers fill this void, but misinformation often runs rampant, leading investors astray with fake or outdated news.

AI market intelligence API for crypto

This new product line, designed for enterprises and DeFi applications, can be succinctly summarized as "AI market intelligence API for crypto." Our goal for this year is to onboard our first million users. We aim to achieve it through strategic partnerships with DeFi and CeFi players, including wallets, decentralized exchanges (DEXes), and centralized exchanges (CEXes). This B2B scaling strategy has proven a successful one in traditional markets. In the same fashion Nasdaq does not develop their own BloombergGPT. The reason is simple: it would be too expensive for each wallet and exchange develop their own AI market intelligence solution and AI agents.