What is SMART VALOR – Interview with Olga Feldmeier

Smart Valor Team
Smart Valor Team

SMART VALOR is positioned at the unique intersection of technology, regulation and market opportunity in private banking:

  • Technology break-through: We use distributed networks, cryptographic objects and smart-contract logic to securitize and tokenize alternative investment assets such as real estate, PE & VC and many more. This means real-time execution and settlement, enhanced liquidity and unlimited fractional ownership at negligible cost.
  • Regulatory arbitrage: We underpin the global-by-default nature of blockchain with global-by-law nature of Swiss banking, using regulatory fintech opening in Switzerland and Lichtenstein.
  • Unserved segment in banking: To scale up fast, we focus the distribution on the fastest growing segment of emerging wealthy (affluent and lower HNW) in the new-world countries. We built on the further global adoption of crypto currencies and mobile payments.

SMART VALOR is where the private banking is disintermediated, tokenized and made accessible. Stay in touch with us along this exciting journey.

In the conversation with John Hacker, the President of Swiss Fintech Association, Olga Feldmeier, CEO of SMART VALOR shares her view about the future of the Swiss private banking and how blockchain can democratize it and make it more accessible for investors from all over the world.