Deposit Crypto

Modified on: Monday, December 12, 2022

How can I deposit cryptocurrencies?

Where can I find my deposit address?


If you would like to make a deposit to your SMART VALOR crypto wallet, you need to navigate to the “My Wallet“ section of the exchange. This can be found in the sidebar on any page of the exchange.

Once you are here, you will automatically see all of your Cryptocurrency assets. Please select the desired currency and then click on the arrow pointing down button at the top right of the Currency overview and choose “Deposit”.

A screen displaying your deposit address will appear on the screen. It will look like this:

Once you have made the deposit, you can click the “Done“ button to close the screen. The deposit will reach your account as soon as it is processed on the blockchain.


What do I have to consider when making a deposit?

When making a deposit into your account, please ensure you always use the correct deposit address for the currency you are depositing.


If the currency you are depositing requires a Memo ID or Destination Tag, please always ensure you include this in your deposits.


Pay attention to your deposit limits. If your deposit exceeds your daily or annual deposit limit, it may take longer for the money to reach your account.


What wallet formats does SMART VALOR support?

Currently, SMART VALOR only supports the ERC-20 version of tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

For BTC/LTC we currently support legacy wallet format as well as Segwit.


You can convert your address using an address converter, but please be careful to use unofficial converters. If something goes wrong, we cannot take responsibility for lost funds.


Disclaimer: Please note that due to regulatory requirements, we are not allowed to accept deposits from exchanges that do not require KYC verification.

How long does it take for my deposits to arrive?

Depositing of cryptocurrencies can take a varied amount of time, based on the token or currency you have deposited. It can take anywhere between 1 and 24 hours for a transaction to be processed on the blockchain.


What affects the processing time of my transactions?

For a crypto deposit to arrive at your account, it needs to be processed on the blockchain. The blockchain is, as the name suggests, a chain of blocks. Each block contains a certain amount of transactions that need to be verified before they are recorded and processed. Depending on the blockchain, this process can take different amounts of time. Certain aspects such as blockchain use can slow down or speed up this process.

In order for a transaction to be officially recognized as part of the blockchain, as well as fully processed, a certain number of confirmations need to be received. Before a certain amount of confirmations is reached, we can’t credit the funds to your account. This is done to avoid double-spending as well as keep up the trust on the blockchain.


What are the average timeframes for a deposit to be processed?

Different blockchains take a different amount of confirmations for a transaction to be processed, each one also has a different amount of time for a single confirmation to be received. Below are some of the average timeframes for different cryptocurrency types to be received.


Minimum amount of time

Maximum amount of time


10 minutes

24 hours


5 minutes

4 hours



1 hour (if the chain is congested)


Can I track my transaction?

Yes, you can easily use a blockchain explorer to track your transaction on the blockchain.

Keep in mind that different blockchain explorers support different blockchains. Some, like Blockchair, even support multiple ones.


Disclaimer: If your transaction doesn’t arrive after 24 hours have passed, please reach out to our Customer Support team so that they can check this out for you. When doing so, please make sure to include all relevant information about the transaction.

What are my deposit limits?

When depositing funds into your SMART VALOR account, you need to keep in mind that there are certain limits on the amount you can deposit. There is a minimum amount per transaction, as well as maximum amounts you can deposit to your account based on the different currency types. When checking your Deposit address, the platform will provide you with the minimal amount of any given currency that needs to be deposited for a transaction to be processed. A theoretical maximum amount of the specific currency will also be displayed. This amount is the maximum amount possible to be received in a single transaction.


What about my level limits?

Outside of the maximum amount per transaction in the deposit currency, there are different limits based on your verification level. These are separated into daily and yearly deposit limits, which represent the total value of funds you can deposit in a given period. The value is calculated in your preferred base currency and can be seen in your dashboard under the verification level section. Here are the current limits for the different verification levels as calculated in CHF:


 Blue Level
Silver Level
Gold Level
Platinum Level
Daily limit
Up to CHF 25,000 

Up to CHF 100,000

Up to CHF 500,000Up to CHF 500,000 
Yearly limit
Up to CHF 25,000 

Up to CHF 100,000

Up to CHF 500,000Unlimited  

Are there any fees for making a deposit?

While we don't charge you for depositing funds into your account, there might still be some expenses involved in depositing crypto to your SMART VALOR account.


Blockchain fees

In order for your transaction to be processed on the blockchain, a small portion of the funds is paid out to the blockchain. This amount is different for each currency.

When sending funds from private wallets, you can also select how large of a fee you will pay out to the blockchain, this usually helps speed the transaction time up.


Withdrawal fees on other exchanges

When you send crypto to your SMART VALOR account from another exchange, they may charge you a fee for the transaction.

We recommend familiarizing yourself with the fee structure of the other platforms you’re using to send us funds.