Modified on: Monday, December 12, 2022

What is Metaverse?

It is one of the hottest topics in the crypto scene and it attracts a wide variety of interest groups: Gamers, crypto enthusiasts, companies and investors. The metaverse can be thought of as a digitized world that exists alongside our analog world. As a user, you can be part of this virtual reality and help create it. A combination of virtual and augmented reality will make the experience as real as possible. At the moment, we are still at the very beginning of this evolution, but in times of globalization, remote work and long-distance relationships, virtual space is becoming increasingly important.


In fact, more and more companies unveil their Metaverse plans, and Facebook even announced in November 2021 the change of its name to Meta. The social media giant also stated its intention to focus on the development of virtual reality products for the Metaverse in the future. Metaverse tokens have become extremely popular in 2021 with sometimes breathtaking price developments. By implementing real goods and services, a merging of the Metaverse and our reality is taking place. The future has already begun.

What Metaverse assets does SMART VALOR offer?

Currently, SMART VALOR offers the following assets:


  • Valor (VALOR)
  • SuperRare (RARE)
  • The Sandbox (SAND)
  • Decentraland (MANA)
  • Axie Infinity (AXS)


Will there be more currencies available in the future?


Yes, we plan on adding more currencies in the future.