Anti Phishing Feature

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

At SMART VALOR we take security seriously and do our best to keep the accounts of our customers safe. Today, we’re going a step further. SMART VALOR has introduced anti-phishing codes to protect its users from falling victim to phishing attempts.

What is phishing?

Phishing is the attempt by criminals to get their hands on your login credentials – emails, usernames and/or passwords. This is done by sending out emails that impersonate the origin of that email. In our case, these would be emails pretending to be from SMART VALOR and containing links to a webpage that looks like When you enter your username-password combination on this counterfeit page, you are, in effect, revealing your credentials to bad players.

What is an anti-phishing code?

An anti-phishing code is a code of your choice - known only by you and SMART VALOR - that when enabled, helps you recognize genuine emails sent to you by SMART VALOR from the deceptive ones. An anti-phishing code will help you identify genuine emails from phishing emails, preventing fraudulent activities.

From now on, this code will appear in all emails sent to you by VALOR Prime ( as well as the Digital Asset Exchange ( Marketing emails are excluded.

Where can I find my anti-phishing code?

This is included just below every header of an email.

How can I verify this code?

First: Whenever you are uncertain of the origin of an email, never click any links contained in that email. Instead navigate in your browser to and login to your account.

Your secret code can be found in your account settings ( where the code can be revealed and changed at your own discretion.

If you believe your account has been comprised by any means, please reach out to our support team at