Birth of Crypto Spring

Olga Feldmeier
Monday, February 25, 2019

Crypto Spring

As Crypto Winter comes to an end, we are looking forward to the upcoming Crypto Spring and the launch of the SMART VALOR Platform. Here is a little update on where we stand today.

Launch of the SMART VALOR Platform

We are on schedule for the public launch of SMART VALOR Platform, planned for Q1 2019. The initial public sale stages have helped us test and improve our onboarding (KYC) process. We have learnt a lot and used the feedback to improve the process even further. Additionally, we had our first official audit by VQF (regulatory body, supervising Financial Intermediary). At the current stage, we are inviting test users to join the SMART VALOR Tech team for the initial closed beta launch in March. If you would like to join as a beta tester, simply click here and send us an email! There is a VALOR reward for the best contributions.

Update on Fundraising

In the general tune of the industry, fundraising remains difficult throughout Crypto Winter, on both the token and the equity side. In terms of the token sale, during the Second Stage of the Public Sale we received 201 subscription requests for 385,428 tokens from a total of 400,000 VALOR tokens available in this round. Out of the requests, 32.8% have currently passed KYC and transferred funds, 13.9% were lost and the remainder are currently pending KYC or payment. In view of the current bear market, this a great result and we would like to thank everybody who has contributed so far!

Thought Leadership

When considering the type of token to issue and use for your business, it is important to keep in mind that security tokens can be any sort of security connected to cash flows or profits of the company.
Learn more about the advantages of a token-based approach

Is Crypto Spring upon us?

Many people ask me whether it is true that Crypto Spring is upon us. To my belief it is, however the shape it will take is difficult to predict. On the cryptocurrency side there has been some warming up recently, though it’s too early to say now, we might see a price rally this spring due to potential catalytic events such as ETF approval in the U.S. What is important to consider is that spring is truly approaching on the institutional side as well. Every day more and more financial institutions are launching new products and initiatives using blockchain technology. The most recent case was J.P. Morgan’s announcement of the launch of their own token called JPM coin to settle payment transactions. At SMART VALOR we also get to feel the institutional spring. This week we were invited by one of the Top 10 Swiss banks to pitch the provision of services on the crypto exchange side. It is quite a step from the previous phase of shutting down accounts of all blockchain-related companies that we witnessed not too long ago.

Where can you meet us next?

With Crypto spring upon us, we are re-launching our meetup-series to be held in our in our Zug, Liechtenstein and Munich offices. Every last Wednesday of each month, we will come together for ‘STO Happy Hour’, providing industry insights by global experts, all the latest news about security tokens, digital assets and riveting networking opportunities.
Join us and our guest speaker David Johnston on the 27th of February!