SMART VALOR Bitcoin Cash Korean Listing Party

Olga Feldmeier
Thursday, August 22, 2019
To commemorate the listing of Bitcoin Cash on SMART VALOR exchange , we invited our Korean Community to a meetup in Seoul. Fully oversubscribed event with over 200 people registered took place in the hear of Seoul, Gangnam district at Huobi Blockchain Coffeehouse. smart-valor-bch-korea-meetup-roger-ver While Roger Ver focused on the future of payment tokens and why people should use Bitcoin Cash as a payment token for everyday usage. The main advantages of Bitcoin Cash are according to the presentations of Olga and Roger, were that it is

super-fast, cheap and reliable.

A currency which is made for everyday usage. Olga Feldmeier explained the importance of carefully selecting the place to trade and store their digital wealth. This is a highly relevant topic for Korean crypto investors. On one side Korean exchanges recently experienced a series of hacks. While on the other side the banks cut them off due to regulatory scrutiny.
“The ecosystem is reaching maturity and SMART VALOR is leading the patch in a fully regulated ecosystem. You will see me trading there as well.” - Roger Ver
Several media companies like Coindesk Korea and iBT interviewed the two speakers. The video from the Korean listing of Bitcoin Cash on SMART VALOR is available to watch here: