How To Buy Real Gold Online - Easily & Securely

Olga Feldmeier
Tuesday, August 11, 2020

As individuals seek protection against an uncertain economy, many digital gold services have arisen to supply this demand, offering different option to buy real gold online. Yet only few of them are regulated and operate in a legal and compliant way. The gold brokerage on the Smart Valor exchange addresses these concerns through an effective compliance process while being fully regulated and governed by the laws of Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

Buying gold on smart valor allows you to trade your digital gold for physical gold at any time. The digital gold, referred to as “PAX Gold” is backed by physical gold of the highest quality, the London Good Delivery standard. The token tracks to the serial number of each individual bar. Owners of PAX Gold tokens can order physical delivery of their gold at any time. Additionally, there is no custody fee to hold your tokens with SMART VALOR making it a convenient platform to store your digital asset. Learn more about the benefits of digital gold here.

How to own gold in 3 steps:

Step 1: Create a free account

To get started, create an account on

Step 2: Complete your KYC verification

Smart Valor is compliant with Anti-Money-Laundry laws of Liechtenstein that requires you to verify your identity before transacting on our platform. This KYC process usually takes about 5 minutes to complete, so be sure to do this right after you sign up.

Step 3: Purchase your gold with a credit card, bank wire or cryptocurrency

Once your account has been verified, log into your account and navigate to “Buy/sell” then select “PAX Gold” and select your choice of currency. Complete the form below with your purchase details and add your payment details. You’re done! Once your order has been processed your gold holdings will be reflected on your account.

For additional support on purchasing gold feel free to reach out to our support team via

Still want more information on digital gold? Learn more here.

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