Ethereum Staking is here

Monday, August 22, 2022

As of today, we’re offering fully integrated staking on Ethereum. Staking is a great opportunity for investors to earn passive income and help grow the industry – with the added security of a partner like SMART VALOR. 

With the highly anticipated upcoming Merge, where Ethereum shifts from Proof-of-Work (PoW) to Proof-of-Stake, (PoS) resulting in greener, responsible investing, there’s really no better time to uplift your crypto portfolio return.

What is staking?
Staking is the process of committing your tokens to support the transaction processing on a Proof-of-Stake blockchain. If you have enough tokens, you can lock them up, for a specific period of time and act as a transaction validator. With this you effectively become an operator of, for example, a payment network. For this work you earn staking rewards. 
Ethereum transitions to Proof-of-Stake
Ethereum started off as Proof-of-work, an energy intensive way to process transactions.  In 2020, Ethereum launched a parallel blockchain, which is operating as Proof-of-Stake. Now Ethereum is merging these two blockchains: the original Proof-of-Work and new Proof-of-Stake blockchain, into one. This event is called “the merge” and is scheduled for the 15th  September. With this, Ethereum finally transitions to Proof-of-Stake type of blockchain.

How to earn staking rewards
As an Ether owner, you can earn staking rewards for running software on your computers that properly batches transactions into new blocks and checks the work of other validators. For this you need a dedicated hardware, knowledge of how to run software protocols and technical skills to store and protect your private keys from hacking attack. If you don’t have a technical background and don’t feel comfortable securing your private keys, you can delegate this work to a specialized providers such as SMART VALOR.




SMART VALOR’s Ethereum staking service
For our customers, we take over the process of running the software on dedicated hardware 24/7, validating transactions on Ethereum blockchain and securing the private keys. With this we enable investors to earn competitive yields and avoid risk, while maintaining custody of their crypto assets.

The advantages of SMART VALOR Ethereum staking
Using SMART VALOR Ethereum staking, you avoid the need to acquire hardware and run software protocol yourself. There’s also no need to arrange a complex security process to secure your private keys yourself.
Ethereum staking on SMART VALOR is safe and easy. Hence, you benefit from custody security of a regulated crypto exchange, approved for registration by a financial supervision regulator in one of the most prestigious European jurisdictions with advanced crypto regulation.

In terms of staking yield, we offer one of the most competitive rates available on the market. Users can earn up to 4%* per annum in staking rewards. Loyal customers who use our own native token VALOR for payouts can “Boost” their yield to earn 120% of the staking rewards. 

*Due to the Merge, APR rates may increase to up to 7.2%   


A special launch offer:

To welcome the new feature, when you stake your first ETH with us, we’ll double your earned rewards with VALOR token. Limited offer until 12.09.2022. Learn more here.
Staking with us at a glance:

  • Minimum Staking amount: 0.01 ETH
  • Lockup: All ETH are locked until Ethereum’s update to ETH2
  • Rewards Distribution: Monthly once the migration to ETH2 is fully complete.
  • Earn 120% of the rewards if you choose VALOR token