Korea Update

Olga Feldmeier
Friday, May 10, 2019

SMART VALOR is making South Korea its second home with countless meetups, events, partners and community members now part of the global SMART VALOR family! Our mission to democratize access to wealth for all is only one step closer. Take a read into the latest news from SMART VALOR in South Korea.

Meetups with Special Prizes

Last week, SMART VALOR organised its THIRD Meetup in South Korea in the Samseong-dong Spark Plus co-working space. It was great to have such an enthusiastic crowd to join the team and Olga Feldmeier for the meetup. At the end of the event, in a crypto quiz, a few participants were awarded some VALOR tokens for responding to the questions correctly.

Watch the recorded livestream of the event below:
Olga’s Interview at 2019 Blockchain Investors Summit

During her Keynote, Olga spoke about the hot topic: 'The Cambrian Explosion of Digital Assets'. Along with some amazing guest speakers and high-level attendees, SMART VALOR was able to establish many significant encounters. The team look forward to sharing with you more information once these meetings transform into prominent partnerships.

Check out what the CEO of SMART VALOR loves about South Korea:


Thank you for being part of the SMART VALOR community!