Kyber AMA Session With SMART VALOR

Monday, August 31, 2020

Kyber Answers Major Staking Questions For SMART VALOR

Last month, SMART VALOR launched Kyber staking for all of our exchange users so that KNC token holders could generate a return on their Kyber tokens while keeping them in their wallets. Many users flocked to staking on our exchange within the first week, eager to capture both Kyber’s yield and cash in on SMART VALOR’s limited promotion to earn up to 3x the bonus for staking Kyber on the SMART VALOR exchange .

Beyond offering the highest bonus for KNC staking on any exchange, SMART VALOR offered the easiest process to participate: just open a SMART VALOR account, transfer KNC to your wallet, and activate Kyber staking. SMART VALOR handles the rest by pooling all the funds from users together to increase their voting power. To further sweeten the deal, SMART VALOR users can increase their bonus amount by meeting certain requirements .

Within days the SMART VALOR community had many questions surrounding gas fees, yield amounts, and upcoming developments for staking Kyber. To answer these questions, Head of Partnerships for SMART VALOR Ivan Anastassov sat down with Kyber’s Head of Product Sunny Jain and Marketing Manager Shane Hong for an in-depth AMA session.

A few highlights from the AMA:

  • ►How Kyber staking gas fees work against reserves instead of order books
  • ►Updates to Kyber’s Reserved Routing system
  • ►Deep dive into the difference between Kyber’s automated model and Uniswap
  • ►Steps Kyber takes for people to create their own permissionless reserves or contribute to existing reserves
  • ►Different types of coins and tokens KNC holders can trade or swap for other tokens
  • ►How the Kyber DAO helps KNC token holders to stake so they can get network fees
  • ►How SMART VALOR and Kyber will continue to work together

Watch the full Kyber and SMART VALOR AMA here: