Kyber Network Crystals (KNC) Is Now Available For Staking On SMART VALOR With Exclusive Rewards

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

KNC Staking Is Live!

Users can now stake KNC on KyberDAO, using the SMART VALOR digital asset exchange. KyberDAO is a community platform that allows KNC token holders to participate in the governance of the network through staking their Kyber tokens. Users that stake KNC are able to vote on important proposals and receive rewards in return. As staking most times requires users to vote and take actions in order to claim rewards, SMART VALOR enables users to claim rewards without this need of self-custody or regular voting. This means users can easily stake their tokens and watch their rewards grow without voting or taking further action, making the staking process hassle-free.

KNC Rewards

Since the Kyber Network consensus mechanism is not proof-of-stake, all staking rewards are paid out ETH instead of KNC itself. Learn how you can earn additional rewards with SMART VALOR’s ongoing KNC launch offer.

Purchasing & Staking KNC

The SMART VALOR platform makes it incredibly easy for users to participate in staking and on ramp into the DeFi ecosystem thanks to its robust banking infrastructure. Users can conveniently purchase KNC using a credit card and stake the tokens with a click of a button.

Watch tutorial video on how to purchase and stake KNC

How To Stake KNC

  1. Create a verified account on Click here to sign up.
  2. Purchase or deposit KNC tokens in onto your SMART VALOR wallet. KNC can be purchased directly on the exchange using either credit card, wire transfer or just by trading it with Bitcoin.
  3. Select “Stake” under Kyber Network.
  4. Enter the amount of KNC you would like to stake and click “stake now.”
  5. Done!
After each staking period, also referred to as “epochs,” users will automatically receive their rewards directly into their ETH wallet on SMART VALOR.

Exclusive Rewards

To celebrate the launch of KNC staking, SMART VALOR is offering users up to 3x the staking rewards when they participate in the ongoing promotion. To learn more about you can earn exclusive rewards with the launch offer click here.

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