Zero Transaction Fees - Launch Gift

Olga Feldmeier
Tuesday, July 30, 2019
Zero Transaction Fees - Launch Gift The SMART VALOR Exchange has officially launched today and for the next three months, you and all your friends can purchase cryptocurrency with four different fiat currencies (CHF, EUR, GBP, USD) essentially for FREE! The top two cryptocurrencies by market capitalisation, Bitcoin and Ethereum are available within 9 separate markets. With our best-in-class secure custody solution delivered jointly with our partners Ledger and BitGo, you can sleep peacefully. Not to forget that our Swiss identity preaches quality and security over everything from onboarding to the delivery. On the SMART VALOR Platform, we distinguish between service fees (i.e. transaction fees) and payment fees. Your means of payment and payment provider determine the payment fees. This has nothing to do with SMART VALOR’s payment system or fees. To celebrate the launch accordingly, there won't be any service fees charged at all until 30th of October 2019 starting with the launch date of the SMART VALOR Platform (30th July 2019). Yes, that’s right - ZERO TRANSACTION FEES ! Our launch campaign is a very unusual thing for a country like ours! Switzerland is famous for safety and security, great banking services and but also dizzying fees. So how huge is this: the first full-fledged digital asset exchange from Switzerland starts with zero transaction fees! We love it! Do you?