How we’re making logging in more secure with WebAuthn

Thursday, February 16, 2023

In the digital age, money has evolved. But so have the risks of carrying out finance online. There are many ways that criminals can try to get hold of funds illegally, but phishing is one of the most common tactics. That’s why we’re introducing WebAuthn support to put an extra layer of biometric security between you and phishing scams.  

Phishing and why security is important  

Phishing is a cybercrime in which a person or company are contacted by email, phone or text message as someone impersonating a legitimate institution.  

Criminals do this in order to trick people into revealing personally identifiable information such as bank details and passwords. This information is then used to access accounts and can result in financial losses or identity theft.  

SMART VALOR has enterprise-grade security and that’s why we’ve always had options like multi-factor authentication and the option to log in using authenticator apps. This already provides effective protection against phishing scams but we want to make sure SMART VALOR customers are able to add as many layers of security as they want. That’s why we’ve launched WebAuthn support to give even more security to your login process.  

How we’re stopping Phishing in its tracks 

WebAuthn support is important for all SMART VALOR customers because it gives the opportunity to use your own biometric data to add one more layer of security when logging in.  

Instead of just using a password or authenticator, you can now use WebAuthn support to integrate touch bar, face ID and hardware devices such as Yubikeys when logging in. Biometric data is a powerful security tool because it is something that only the user can provide, thereby creating powerful protection against phishing  

SMART VALOR enables biometrics for all users with devices that support:  

  • iPhone Touch/ Face ID, 
  • MacBook Touch Bar 
  • Windows Hello (Face, Fingerprint or PIN), 
  • Fingerprint/face recognition for Android.  

Here’s how you can authenticate using WebAuthn:  

  1. When logging in, you will receive a notification asking if you would like to add this phone, tablet or laptop to trusted devices.  
  2. Just click ‘Continue’ and follow the instructions of your operating system to register the device and your biometric security login.  

That’s it! Setting up WebAuthn only takes a few seconds. When logging in the next time, you will be able to log in faster with your biometric data or PIN. The option to use password remains as well. 

At SMART VALOR, our dedication to building ever more powerful security measures both for our platform and our customers never stops. That’s why we’re launching our latest update, WebAuthn support, to help our customers drastically minimize their exposure to phishing scams and make accessing their digital assets simple and stress-free. 

Start using WebAuthn today to take your security to the next level.