SMART VALOR 2nd Quarter 2020 Company Update

Thursday, July 2, 2020
We made it! After a very challenging 2nd quarter of 2020 as the global economy stumbled over the long dark shadows of Covid-19 Pandemic, the SMART VALOR team has been working diligently to serve its customers while not only ensuring the business continuity but growing like never before. The transaction volumes on the platform expanded during the months April and May, growing by incredible 500% since the beginning of the year. A big breakthrough was the listing of the first real asset – physical tokenized gold, PAXG. This case brings to light the tokenization advantages at its best! The exchange native cryptocurrency, VALOR, has seen significant price increase of 250% and has outperformed Bitcoin by a multiple of 2 since the beginning of the year. Additionally, the over the past few months, SMART VALOR team has been working to add new services, tools and features for its customers, while heavily focusing on the regulatory and licensing progress in Liechtenstein and Switzerland. Learn about this and much more directly from the founders of SMART VALOR in a short video.
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