SMART VALOR Announces Strategic Partnership & Investment from Largest Chinese Corporation Active in Blockchain

Olga Feldmeier
Thursday, December 6, 2018

Strategic Partnership with Axonomy

SMART VALOR and Axonomy jointly announce that the investment fund under Axonomy invested in the SMART VALOR project and established strategic partnership with SMART VALOR in November, 2018.

Axonomy ( ) is a blockchain ecosystem where the Axonomy community, investment funds and service providers all work together to facilitate the healthy and compliant growth of the blockchain industry.

“We are happy to support international projects such as SMART VALOR coming out of Switzerland. In fintech and blockchain space the companies who are effectively dealing with regulatory requirements and take a fully licensed approach will be clearly ahead of the game. The team of SMART VALOR convinced us and our community by their convincing vision, team as well as achievements on regulatory and technology side." - said by Tom Tao, CEO of Axonomy.

"It is a great acknowledgement of our achievements to have Axonomy as an investor and partner on-board. The future of tokenized securities will be about the creation of the global liquidity pools and a better access to financial products for investors from emerging markets. This is why the Asian market plays a key role in our go-to-market strategy. Having a strong partner such as Axonomy backed by HashKey Group marks an important milestone for SMART VALOR alongside our Asian market approach" - said Olga Feldmeier, CEO of SMART VALOR.

The partnership with Axonomy is an important milestone for SMART VALOR. It is viewed as the first step on the way to more close collaboration and support.