SMART VALOR Exchange brings VALOR home — Listing Announcement

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

VALOR token now listed on the SMART VALOR Asset Exchange

We are happy to announce that as of today VALOR token is listed on the SMART VALOR exchange. VALOR is the exchange’s native cryptocurrency issued by the Switzerland-based company SMART VALOR AG. It is now available for purchase and trading in EUR, CHF, GBP and USD via bank wire or credit card as well as for USDT and BTC.

What is VALOR token?

Today, VALOR is used on the SMART VALOR platform primarily as a means of payment and for staking. Using VALOR for payment has the advantage of reducing transactions fees. For example: the user has bought Bitcoin or Gold on the exchange with CHF 10 in fees due. If he chooses to pay the fee in VALOR, it automatically reduces by 30% to CHF 7.

With this we are indirectly sharing the revenues of the exchange with holders and users of the VALOR currency.

The second function of VALOR is staking. Staking enables users to lock VALOR in their wallets on the SMART VALOR platform and generate passive income of up to 15% per year. Please refer to the staking program for more details.

In the coming quarter we plan to release the next building block of VALOR utility:

membership staking for investors and asset issuers.

key facts about VALOR token

Why hold VALOR tokens?

VALOR is an alternative way to participate in the success of the SMART VALOR platform. For many investors it represents a simple way to get exposure to the blockchain-based financial market infrastructure investment class, investing directly in Digital Asset Exchanges. In comparison to all other blockchain-related business models, Digital Asset Exchanges are viewed as the closest category to mass adoption, referred to as Plateau of Productivity by Gartner Research.

Gartner hype cycle for blockchain business

How VALOR stands in comparison to other exchanges token?

Benchmarking the SMART VALOR exchange to competitors reveals the leading edge in terms of regulation and compliance. Additionally, it is the only European integrated platform to offer a full-service spectrum of custody, brokerage, trading, issuance of digital assets and securities as well as staking. It is also the only exchange operated by the Swiss company. While also being registered in Liechtenstein as a fully compliant exchange business. Currently, SMART VALOR is in the application process for a securities trading platform license.

Being in operation since summer 2019, the exchange is not yet comparable in terms of volume with the industry’s first movers, such as Coinbase and Bitfinex. The token price of such exchanges has been on a significant growth trajectory. Currently, the top 30 CoinMarketCap companies include several exchange tokens such as Bitfinex, Binance, Huobi and OKex. Their market capitalization passed the unicorn status (e.g. USD 1.9 billion of Binance), correlating closely with their trade volumes as a proxy of their success.

In terms of security, the prestige and the legal status of its jurisdiction as well as regulatory status SMART VALOR is superior to most exchanges in the space. Therefore, based on the current relation between the company’s potential versus current market cap, VALOR is viewed by some investors as a considerably undervalued asset today.

“Currently, VALOR has the highest potential of the native exchange tokens and is well positioned to benefit from the rapid growth of blockchain-based exchanges and decentralized finance in 2020.”

- David Johnston, Founder and Chairman of Factom

Why start now?

To celebrate the listing of VALOR on our exchange, we are giving 100% refund for all transaction fees paid in VALOR during the first month of listing. Additionally, we are doubling the staking rewards, up to 30% p.a. in total. This applies for all new VALOR buyers in case they decide to stake their newly bought tokens within the first two weeks. For more information on this campaign please refer the detailed description here .

Important Note: None of the employees, founders or advisors have ever sold any VALOR tokens. They are fully committed to the long-term success of the business and its native currency VALOR. By contractual agreement all tokens of employees, founders and advisors are locked for at least 12 months after the token generation event. That is the longest lock-up period for all groups of token purchasers.

Disclaimer: Cryptocurrencies can fluctuate widely in prices and are therefore not appropriate for all investors. Past performance does not guarantee future results. This is not a financial advise.