SMART VALOR lists PegNet and launches new VALOR utility

Monday, June 29, 2020

PegNet Listing

PegNet is going to be officially listed on the Smart Valor digital asset exchange on the 6th of July. The PEG token is the native token of the PegNet protocol and serves as a gateway into the PegNet system for users to create pegged assets, which is also referred to as pAssets.

Starting from the 1st of July SMART VALOR will be giving its token holders the opportunity to buy PEG at a 20% discount by using the VALOR token*. With this, SMART VALOR is happy to announce a new utility to the VALOR token holders: Priority access to newly listed assets at discounted prices. 50.000.000 PEG are being reserved for this campaign on a first come first serve basis.

PegNet is a decentralized stablecoin ecosystem that allows users to create pAssets that can be exchanged between each other at 1/10th of a penny. For example, a user can create a stablecoin based on Bitcoin, pBTC (pegged bitcoin) and exchange it to a stablecoin based on US Dollar, pUSD (pegged US dollar) for a faction of what a cryptocurrency exchange would charge. Also transferring pegged assets between the different wallets can be done at much lower costs than tokens based on Ethereum.

Currently the ecosystem supports 42 pegged assets, including 20 of the world’s top fiat currencies, 20 top crypto currencies + Gold & Silver.

Learn more about the PegNet and the PEG Token with these resources:

1. Video: What is PegNet

2. PegNet Fact Sheet

3. PegNet Assets & Market information

Sign up to to buy, sell or trade PEG tokens. Buy PegNet with VALOR at 20% discount

*Terms & Conditions:

The maximum discount is 200 USD which a user can get.

The user will receive a 20% discount (up to $200 worth of PEG) on a purchase of PEG with VALOR through our OTC desk. The minimum purchase to partake in the bonus is $100. Campaign participation is available between 1st of July and 5th of July. The customer will pay a discounted price by 20% lower. E.G. The customer buys 1000 USD worth of PEG but pays only 800 USD worth of VALOR.

How to participate:

► Register on and complete the onboarding procedure. Registered users are also eligible to participate in this campaign.

► State in the following link how much you would like to buy: . Make sure you have enough VALOR in your wallet on the SMART VALOR platform before you complete the form. If you do not have enough VALOR your order will be automatically cancelled.

► You will receive an email with the exact quotes and your VALOR will be locked until PEG is listed on SMART VALOR (6th of July). The lock is automatically done by the system at 5pm CET.

► After PegNet is listed on SMART VALOR you will receive the PEGs which are going to be unlocked on the 20th of July.

Discount calculation:
  1. The PegNet and VALOR price both are calculated according to
  2. The price is going to be calculated based on the timestamp of the completed form.
  3. Customers will receive a confirmation email within one hour during the following business hours 9am-5pm Swiss time or within 12 hours outside of business hours.
Additional terms:
  1. Only users that are eligible to trade on the SMART VALOR Platform can participate.
  2. The users will not be able to trade or withdraw PEGs before the 20th of July.
  3. People have the right to participate only one time in the discount.
  4. SMART VALOR has the right to discontinue this campaign at any time.
Disclaimer: Investing in PegNet and any other cryptocurrency entails high-risk with high volatility and uncertain outcome. The views described here are opinion based and are not financial advice.