SMART VALOR Platform is Live!

Olga Feldmeier
Tuesday, July 30, 2019
SMART VALOR Platform is Live!

The Premier Digital Asset Exchange is here!

Today is a big day! We are going live with a digital asset exchange initially offering of 9 Crypto-Fiat trading pairs. It is the first digital asset exchange operated out of Switzerland and Liechtenstein to provide integrated offering of custody, trading and brokerage to a global audience of investors. Founded as part of the Thomson Reuters Incubator in 2017, the company today is one of the largest players in the Swiss Crypto Valley, the fastest growing global blockchain hub in the canton Zug hosting over 600 blockchain companies. The assets available on the SMART VALOR Platform will include cryptocurrencies and utility tokens. During the go live, two major cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum will be available in four fiat currencies: CHF, EUR, GBP and USD. Further carefully selected, attractive cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based tokens will be added on a monthly basis, helping investors to make the right choice in the new field of digital assets. Gradually, security tokens backed by real assets will be added to the spectrum of available assets once the regulatory process is approved.

Support for SMART VALOR

In addition to the exchange’s native cryptocurrency, VALOR, which is currently traded with significant volume on four cryptocurrency exchanges, the company benefits from a strong support on the institutional investor side, as several prominent VC funds have invested in SMART VALOR. Last month the Swiss VC fund Venture Incubator (VI) contributed additional 3.2 million CHF (3.25 USD), jointly with other Asian and US institutional investors, such as Tally Capital. The VI fund is managed by the leading Swiss venture capital firm VI Partners AG and has shareholders such as Credit Suisse, Nestle, Novartis, ABB and other global Swiss corporations. After 18 months of development, we are excited to go live with a core element of the SMART VALOR Platform - the exchange. This brings us a huge step forward to our vision of becoming the world’s first security token exchange for alternative investments” said Olga Feldmeier, SMART VALOR’s CEO.

The Technology

On the technology side, the platform boasts a ultra-high performance architecture capable of processing one million orders per second, a seamless and fully compliant on-boarding process and secure custody. The custody and wallets are provided jointly with SMART VALOR’s partners, established global leaders in crypto security - France-based Ledger and US-based BitGo. The roadmap for the next 6 months also includes long-term deposit of fiat money, CHF-based stable coin as well as trading and staking of exchange’s native cryptocurrency currency VALOR. On the regulatory side, SMART VALOR is living up to its commitments. We are a member of VQF, the Financial Standards Association, in Switzerland. SMART VALOR Liechtenstein is operating as a currency exchange. The next milestone of the company is the receival of appropriate licenses allowing for listing and trading of any type of tokenized digital assets. The SMART VALOR digital asset exchange represents the second stage of implementation, following the primary sales execution module which has been launched at the end of last year. “The core functionality, compliance and payments are pretty much identical for Cryptocurrency and security tokens exchange. Therefore, while working our way through the licensing for trading of security tokens, we already moved forward with the launch of the exchange for non-security instruments such as Cryptocurrencies and other blockchain-based tokens” – said SMART VALOR’s CTO, Thomas Felber. The go-live of the exchange is accompanied by the launch campaign which gives initial users fee free trading and brokerage service during the first three months. Not surprisingly, the full capacity of the Early Access Program has been taken up by 5’000 users registered on the platform prior to today’s launch.


The acknowledged angel investor Daniel Gutenberg, who is a partner at VI Partners AG, said: “ The big vision of the company and exceptional track record of the founding team were the core reasons why we decided to invest in SMART VALOR. The SMART VALOR’s CEO, Olga Feldmeier, was from the very beginning shaping the regulation in the blockchain space and became one of the first to take on the real asset tokenization opportunity."
While hundreds of exchanges were created during the last several years, today there are just about a dozen which are legal, compliant, licensed and safe. Switzerland being at the top of hierarchy of financially savvy but crypto friendly jurisdiction, needs its own Coinbase - the global leader who will give investors the advantages of data privacy, safety and stability. For hundreds of years, this safe-haven wealth management centre was the privilege of the rich. With SMART VALOR it is opening its arms to all.” - said David Johnston, investor in SMART VALOR, Managing Partner of Yeomans Growth Capital and Chairman of Factom.
Another early investor in SMART VALOR, Stephane Pictet said: “ Switzerland as the base is perfectly suitable to deliver a global alternative investment platform, like SMART VALOR, built on decentralized ledger technology. We have the worldwide largest wealth management centre and we have tech. Switzerland is leading the global innovation league table for years. Add here the favourable, neutral and principle-based financial regulation and you receive the best place in the world to build the fintech blockchain company.”
Building a marketplace for tokenized investments, SMART VALOR creates a better access to the exclusive field of Alternative Investments. Fractional ownership, better liquidity and global accessibility through cryptocurrencies - this is a unique value proposition offered by the SMART VALOR platform ” - said Matthew Roszak, a prominent US investor who has spent over 17 years in private equity, venture capital and invested in excess of $1 billion of capital, who invested in SMART VALOR through Tally Capital.