SMART VALOR Platform Test | Finished

Olga Feldmeier
Monday, June 24, 2019

The SMART VALOR Platform test phase has officially finished. During the three week public testing period from the 15th of May to the 8th of June 2019, SMART VALOR invited developers and the investor community to access and test the exchange function. They provided feedback and suggestions for improvement (for more details about the campaign click here ). This blog post is a summary of the campaign results, including the announcement of the winners of VALOR awards!

The numbers from the test speak for themselves:


With around 2’570 test sessions and a total of 163 hours of time spent testing the platform, the community has been able to provide extensive feedback. SMART VALOR has received a total of 210 feedback tickets, which gave great insights and suggestions on where to improve, which features to add, and where to find bugs.

After having screened and categorized the feedback tickets, the team collectively decided that within the two mostly commented categories - feature requests (Best Trading Feature award) and visual design suggestions (Best Visual award) - the final winners would be nominated through a public poll to be conducted via Telegram (not part of the Telegram community yet? Join here ).

The results of the votes:


The majority of testers are looking for seamless and easy user experience. Generally, the feedback shows that transparency and simple traceability of the user’ activity matters most. From the users’ perspective this increases the perceived safety and the feeling of being in control. Feature-wise, buying on margin (margin trading) is the most desirable feature elected by the community, as the derivatives markets are still not well developed in comparison to traditional financial markets. Also highly rated was addition of more sophisticated tools to analyze the cryptocurrency and security token price movements.

The feedback received is a huge help to better understand the priorities and pain points of users on other exchanges . It was a tremendous relief to our technical team and has significantly sped up the final launch process. The communities view aligns greatly with the mission of SMART VALOR to become a comprehensive, secure and easy to use Security Token Exchange. SMART VALOR strives to provide investors and asset issuers with advanced trading features. At the same time to enable simple trading and accessibility for every investor.

Feedback from users

Early feedback from our users, is shaping the future of the SMART VALOR Platform. Holding true to the core values of community participation and co-creation, the moment everyone has been waiting for. The awards for the best contributions within the following categories:

Outstanding Feedback → Ales T. Most Creative → José M. Funniest → Philipp K. Best Visual → Beatrice K. Best Trading Feature→ Alexey T. Grammar Freak → Robert L. Top Contributors → Private Release

Thank you to all contributors for their excellent engagement and very helpful testing and feedback. With just a few weeks left until the public launch of the exchange function of the platform, excitement is building up. All VALOR token holders and community members are cordially invited to join the team at one of the launch events in Switzerland, either on the 26th of June in Zug and / or the 10th July in Zurich (more details tba).