SMART VALOR supported by Swiss Government & Selected for Innosuisse Grant

Friday, May 22, 2020

For many years, Switzerland is leading global innovation rankings as one of the most innovative powerhouses. Behind this phenomenon is a strong backbone of financial support and research for innovative early-stage companies. The Swiss government has established multiple initiatives to support innovation. One of them, called Innosuisse , is targeted at supporting innovative early stage companies. This program usually consists of several parts, including financing through the governmental grants, expert contributions and support by Swiss Global Enterprise, the Swiss export agency.

Being a truly Swiss company, founded in 2017 in the Swiss Crypto Valley, SMART VALOR has been accepted into this highly regarded innovation support program. The rigorous selection process is mirrored in the quote of successful startups accepted into the program: Innosuisse alumni startups have a success rate of over 80%, compared to an average of around 10%.

This is great news for SMART VALOR. First of all, the financial support and contribution of computer technology and legal experts will further strengthen the team on the ground in Switzerland. SMART VALOR is breaking new ground in the space of blockchain application in financial services. Tokenization of real assets and practical implementation of digital securities has been acknowledged as one of the most disruptive innovations in finance. Being supported by the Swiss government will fasten achievements of the next milestones such as getting licensed as the first DLT (Decentralized Ledger Technology)-exchange in Switzerland.

Secondly, the prestige and the visibility of being part of a government innovation support system provides additional credibility to SMART VALOR’s innovative work. Additional support of Swiss Global Enterprise (SGE) will help SMART VALOR to spread the knowledge about its innovative services around the world through SGE representations abroad.

Finally, one of the highlights of this nomination is that SMART VALOR has been accepted to join Innosuisse’s program as the first blockchain company. In a wider context this is the sign that governments around the world are now opening up to the blockchain sector startups embracing the innovation brought by this technology.

CEO of SMART VALOR, Olga Feldmeier commented on the nomination:

“It is with tremendous appreciation and pride that we have receive the Innosuise nomination. It is yet another step on the pioneering path SMART VALOR has taken in Switzerland. After becoming the first blockchain company in the portfolio of the renown Swiss Venture Capital Fund Venture Incubator last summer, becoming the first blockchain company supported by Innosuisse is another big achievement for us.”


SMART VALOR is the first full-service digital asset exchange operated by a Swiss company offering a fully compliant and secure access to trading and custody of digital assets. Holding a Financial Intermediary licence in Switzerland today, the company has started its journey at the Thomson Reuters Incubator in 2017. The company is supported by leading venture capital funds in Asia and US. In Switzerland it became the first and the only blockchain technology company in the portfolio of VI Partners, a VC fund financed by Credit Suisse, Nestle and other leading Swiss companies.

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