SMART VALOR Test Platform

Olga Feldmeier
Wednesday, May 15, 2019

After months of blood, sweat and tears, SMART VALOR is excited to present the release of the SMART VALOR Test Platform. The primary issuance and token sale platform have been live since the private sale took place in November. Now with the release of the digital assets exchange platform, users can test the exchange!

SMART VALOR is inviting developers and the investor community to access and test its exchange module and provide feature requests and suggestions for improvement. The best contributions within the following categories will be rewarded with VALOR awards:

  • Outstanding Feedback Award → 50 VALOR
  • TOP 10 Contributors → 10 VALOR
  • Most Creative Feedback → 20 VALOR
  • Funniest Feedback → 20 VALOR
  • Best Visual Feedback → 20 VALOR
  • Best Trading Feature → 20 VALOR
  • Grammar Freak Award → 20 VALOR
The public testing program runs from 15th of May until 8th of June.

What is the SMART VALOR test platform?

The SMART VALOR Test Platform is a trial environment with the main purpose to receive early feedback from the people that count the most - our users.
For security reasons DO NOT use the credentials of your account - you must create a dedicated test account.

What features are available on the SMART VALOR test platform?

•Onboard via the KYC / AML procedure

•Buy and sell cryptocurrencies with fiat

•Trade cryptocurrencies

•Manage your fiat and crypto within the SMART VALOR wallet

How can I submit feedback about the test platform?

SMART VALOR strives to achieve perfection by holding true to the core values of community participation. Your feedback is central to the refinement of the platform, here is how you can help:
  • 1. Click on the "Feedback" button
  • 2. Click on "Submit your feedback"
  • 3. Leave us a message!
Valor platform test

How to Test the SMART VALOR Platform?

Start your journey in three simple steps:
1. Complete customer on-boarding Note: This is the test environment. Users are not obliged to provide real data or documents to verify yourselves. At the end of the onboarding, you have a button "Auto-Approve". 2. Enable Two-Factor-Authentication 3. Load your wallet with play money
    You can deposit money via a test credit card to your account wallet.
Card Number: 4111 1111 1111 1111
CCVV: 123
Expiry Date: Future date

Reminder: The data on the test platform is added for presentation purposes only. Order book data represents the data of the test system. No real money (either fiat or crypto) is used - do not transfer any real money or cryptocurrencies to the addresses shown.

If you already have an account with SMART VALOR, you will still need to set up a new account for the test environment. For security reasons DO NOT use the credentials of your account - you must create a dedicated test account.