SMART VALOR unveils VALOR Staking

Olga Feldmeier
Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Dear Valorers, we are thrilled announcing today that as of 30th October 2019 we have launched VALOR staking, as one of the first milestones of the VALOR initial activation phase, spanning through October – December 2019. The VALOR is the exchange’s native cryptocurrency which was created during the token generation event on the 27th of March 2019. The token has started to trade on several exchanges in April 2019. The full roll-out of the VALOR functionality towards users of the platform will span over a period of the next 12 months. It will include staged activation of VALOR trading on the SMART VALOR exchange as well as the implementation of payment and membership staking functionality.

VALOR evolution phases

VALOR staking is a program rewarding token holder for contribution to the growth and development of the SMART VALOR platform.

VALOR Staking rewards

Current and future VALOR holder can earn between 5-15% annual reward for staking at least 100 VALOR and up to 50.000 VALOR for the period of 6 or 12 months. To participate in this program as the VALOR holder you need to:

  1. hold min 100 up to 50’000 VALOR in your SMART VALOR wallet▶ If you don’t have VALOR or want to stake more VALOR, you can contact our trading desk .

  1. to get the base reward, participate in at least one SMART VALOR user poll and refer at least one friend.
  2. to get additional reward of up to 15% annualized rate, you can: refer friends who complete onboarding on SMART VALOR platform
  3. For each friend: additional 0.5% annualized reward, up to a total of 4%

  4. actively use SMART VALOR platform

    Total trading volume during duration of staking period

    1´000 - 5´000 CHF: additional 1% annualized reward

    5´000 - 10´000 CHF: additional 2% annualized reward

    10´000 - 25´000 CHF: additional 3% annualized reward

    >25´000 CHF: additional 4% annualized reward

VALOR Staking Example

You choose to stake 10´000 VALOR and select 12 months staking period (+7% annualized). During the staking period you participate in at least one SMART VALOR user voting and refer at least one friend who onboards on SMART VALOR platform. During the year you invite 5 friends to the platform, and they complete the onboarding. This gives you additional 0.5% x 5 = +2.5%, bringing your total annualized reward to 9.5%. You also actively use SMART VALOR platform, buying, selling or trading crypto currencies for a total of CHF 26´000. This falls into the >25´000 CHF trading volume range, resulting in additional 4% annualized reward for you, bringing the total reward to 13.5%. After 12 months staking period, your wallet unlocks and you can access your 10´000 VALOR again. Additionally, you receive 1´350 VALOR (annualized 13.5%).

In this crucial early stage of launch of the SMART VALOR platform, we would like to welcome all current VALOR holder to join forces with us for a faster growth and development of the SMART VALOR platform. Thank you very much for your support and commitment!

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success." --Henry Ford