Solana (SOL) has arrived at SMART VALOR

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

SMART VALOR is listing Solana (SOL) as the latest token to be added to our exchange. Solana is one of the fastest growing blockchains in the business and we think it's time for everyone to have access to a fast and scalable network.  

From now on, all SMART VALOR investors can buy, and trade SOL alongside their other assets, such as Bitcoin, Ether and our native token, Valor.  

Why we’re listing Solana 

SMART VALOR is a crypto native company. That means we champion projects that are redefining both society and the world we live in. Digital assets are a cental part of blockchain and we want to make sure that investors have access to the best tokens operating at the limit of what is technically possible.  

We’re listing Solana because we believe that the future won’t be defined by one blockchain alone and that each network has its own unique characteristics. Solana is relatively young but is making waves in the industry with lightning-fast transaction speeds and affordable fees.  

We think that for cryptocurrency to reach the next billion people, it has to be fast, scalable and affordable. Solana is a network dedicated to exactly those goals. Solana has the potential to give all investors the opportunity to conduct fast transactions for a fraction of the cost of many other networks. The Solana network is also host to a growing number of NFT and DeFi projects, offering opportunities to invest in projects that were previously too expensive due to Ethereum’s high gas fees.  

What Solana offers 

The explosion of new crypto projects and products resulted in high fees across many networks. Transaction costs rise because more people are using blockchains and increased fees are an incentive for miners to process transaction data. High use, combined with limited transactions per second on some of the most prominent blockchains, is the main reason for these higher costs. Solana is one of the solutions to this problem, allowing transactions with an average of $0.00025.  

Solana has also built up an impressive economy on its blockchain, with over 1.3 billion in Total Value Locked (TVL), which is the amount of an asset deposited in a decentralized protocol for functions like lending or staking, as well as thousands of projects now being built on-chain. Many other blockchain projects have started off strong but ran into the same problem: scalability. Ethereum reached a $500 billion market cap last year but can only process around 20 transactions per second.  

Solana, on the other hand, currently processes over 3,000 transactions per second – and could manage a lot more. This is made possible by an innovative consensus algorithm, proof-of-history, a variation of proof-of-stake. The impressive transaction rate shows the potential for real scalability and the possibility for many millions more people to be able to use the network without congestion.  


Solana also has great sustainability credentials. The Solana network is a proof-of-stake protocol, which means that the blockchain is maintained without energy intensive mining. In fact, Solana is carbon neutral and the average transaction uses only 3,200 joules. That’s 99.99% more energy efficient than Bitcoin. What’s not to like?  

Staking offering coming soon with Solana and SMART VALOR 

At SMART VALOR, we are committed to bringing the best digital asset tools to as many people as possible. With proof-of-stake blockchains now more widespread than ever, we’re excited to offer staking as a sustainable and transparent way for investors to earn yield on their assets. We already offer investors the opportunity to stake Valor token, Ether, Kyber Network and Dash and we’ll soon be launching Solana staking. Keep an eye on our social media channels for more information. 

Olga Feldmeier, SMART VALOR co-founder & board chair: 

“One of the most exciting things about digital assets is how they can make money smarter, faster and more accessible. SMART VALOR’s mission is to bring the power of digital assets to as many people as possible, which is why we are proud to offer investors the opportunity to buy, sell and stake Solana on our exchange. We are strongly aligned with the goals of the Solana network and believe this will be a valuable opportunity for our customers to engage meaningfully with new areas of the industry such as NFTs, staking and DeFi.”  

Ready to start investing in SOL? Head over to the SMART VALOR platform today.