The smart way to buy crypto: Bank wires are faster than ever

Thursday, July 28, 2022

"Access to crypto has to be so easy that anyone can do it, 
and so fast that we can fit investing into our daily lives." 

This is how you could summarise the philosophy that SMART VALOR has been working by since the creation of our exchange. We are proud to introduce another step to simplify crypto investing for you: wire transfers settled within minutes. 

Buying digital assets via bank transfer is the preferred choice for many users of our platform. That is why we have looked for ways to make this payment method even more attractive for you. Now you can connect your SMART VALOR account with your bank which speeds up the entire process considerably. With your bank account integrated you now have a payment option that combines the cost efficiency of a wire transfer with a speed similar to a credit card payment. 

For this, we have partnered with Enable Banking. The Finland-based company is one of the leading providers of connectivity solutions. And just like SMART VALOR, Enable Banking has the highest possible security at its core. The company is ISO-certified and regulated by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority. In other words: A perfect partner to provide the best customer service.

Buying crypto the smart way 

Buying crypto with Enable Banking brings you a fast, secure trading experience, so you can focus on reacting to the market instead of waiting up to two or more days for your transfer. Over 1,000 banks in Europe work with our latest feature. 

With the upgrade, we can recognise when a transaction has been created and we will immediately execute the purchase. No need to wait for the approval of your bank. You can receive your assets within minutes after you have created the bank wire – even before the money has been transferred. 


How to make your bank payments easy

Buying cryptocurrencies fast with the new Enable Banking option is easy. To use this solution, you only need to activate the banking integration one time. You can do this from your SMART VALOR account with just a few clicks: 

  • Go to “Buy/Sell” and choose the crypto and amount you want to buy 
  • Select “Wire Transfer” as the payment method  
  • Confirm your purchase 
  • A pop-up will open and you can select your bank 
  • Log in to your bank account & confirm 
  • Transfer money to your SMART VALOR account 

Once you have activated the integration of your bank, you will automatically benefit from the fast payment option for all future crypto purchases. Instead of waiting days for your assets, you always have an updated wallet and can optimally plan and quickly adjust your crypto portfolio according to your preferences. 

Watch our video to see in detail how it works:

Head over to the SMART VALOR platform now and buy crypto in minutes, with the easy integration of your bank account.