VALOR coin listed on Cashierest

Olga Feldmeier
Wednesday, July 10, 2019
VALOR coin listed on Cashierest

VALOR coin listed on Cashierest

Housewives, grandparents, millennials, boomers — people from all age groups — have invested in a cryptocurrency. According to some estimates at least 30% of South Koreans have a certain exposure to crypto assets. Korea's leading crypto fund, Hashed estimates that number could be as high as 50% among white-collared professionals. Yet, the country is subject to quite strict regulation in the field of cryptocurrency. ICOs are banned and opening a bank account at the same bank as the exchange you are trading is a prerequisite to registering on the exchange itself. Recently, the banks have started to crack down on exchanges as the consequence of FATF rule implementation. Read more about it here...

Serving Korean customers

In this environment, SMART VALOR is ideally positioned to grab the market share of non-domestic exchanges serving Korean customers. With regards to further step on how to spread the knowledge about the SMART VALOR in Korea, VALOR has listed on Cashierest as of today. Cashierest is the fourth most prominent Korean cryptocurrency exchange, when it comes to user traffic. It currently trades over 70 coins. This should come as no surprise as a robust team of 80 employees are hustling to create a great customer experience on this exchange. SMART VALOR has been working closely with Cashierest to primarily to grow brand awareness in Korea.

The listing of VALOR coin on Cashierest follows the information below:

  • Listed market: KRW market
  • Wallet creation date: July 10, 2019 at 14:00 (GMT+9)
  • Date listed: July 10, 2019 at 17:00 (GMT+9)
Cashierest will be hosting 2 competitions to celebrate the listing of VALOR:

1) Token Trading Event - Maximum amount of transaction (purchase + sales amount) by time zone within the event period (12 hours) 400 VALOR to the winner and 200 VALOR to the runner-up (total 10 persons, total 3000 VALOR payment)

  • First day (listing day) ①17:00:00~23:59:59
  • Second day ②24:00:00~11:59:59, ③12:00:00~23:59:59
  • Third day ④24:00:00~11:59:59, ⑤12:00:00~23:59:59.

2) Token Transaction Fee X2 Refund Event - If the cumulative transaction fee of 150,000 won is reached during the event period, 100 VALOR will be paid to each 20 first-come-first. The same applies to transaction fees of 300,000 won, 200 VALOR will be rewarded.

SMART VALOR’s presence in South Korea, will enable access to STO funding for aspiring Korean tech startups and early stage companies. Listing tokenized shares on the SMART VALOR Platform will help to establish a global audience of investors and supporters from all over the world, in a legal and compliant way.