VALOR Token Goes Global

Olga Feldmeier
Friday, April 12, 2019
VALOR goes global

Today SMART VALOR is happy to publicly announce that after the successful build-up of the platform’s core component - the exchange function - SMART VALOR is officially launching the global user engagement program. This consists of several “growth hacks” that are targeted towards gaining a substantial initial user base, before the public launch of the platform. One of them includes tapping into existing communities of crypto investors that are onboarded on cryptocurrency exchanges around the world. Many of these exchanges have accumulated millions of users. The opportunity SMART VALOR sees today is that currently none of them are licensed to trade securities (STOs), whilst their users grow increasingly enthusiastic about security tokens offerings. The arising synergies between SMART VALOR and such exchanges will allow SMART VALOR to tap into these existing networks in different regions.

With this goal in mind, the SMART VALOR leadership team has decided to move ahead of the planned timeline of token generation and exchange listing. The token generation event was planned for July 2019, which has now taken place on the 27 th of March. Keeping committed to agreed commitments, SMART VALOR will make VALOR tokens available for withdrawal within 30 days of the token generation event. In case buyers have opted in for a lock-up period, the date of this will start as of the token generation.

During this time, the team is working to list VALOR on various exchanges globally. The listing of the VALOR token on large crypto exchanges, in combination with several targeted Smart-Drop campaigns, will increase the visibility of SMART VALOR in the run-up to its public launch and thus enable the growth of its initial user base. All buyers that purchased the VALOR token without a lock-up period, will be able to trade it on any of the upcoming listed exchanges. The upcoming listings will be announced over the next few weeks and months on the Official Telegram Channel . Moreover, after the full launch of the SMART VALOR Platform, the VALOR token will be listed on

With the current release of the tokens, the public sale period via the SMART VALOR Platform has been shortened from what was originally planned in monthly tranches lasting until the end of June this year. During this remaining time, SMART VALOR will still onboard strategic partners and institutions within private placements, subject to significant lock-up periods. All tokens out of the original 45.000.000 tokens available for sale, which remain unsold by the end of this year, will be burned.

Before the VALOR token was generated, the Tech team submitted the token smart contracts for an external security audit by ChainSecurity. The audit underlined very good coding practices, no critical vulnerabilities and found only a few slight improvements to be adjusted, based on the feedback received.

The whole SMART VALOR team is very excited to share this great news with you!