VALOR Platform - Marketplace for tokenized investments

The VALOR Platform is a marketplace that directly connects asset issuers and all kinds of investors around the globe.

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Fundamentals of the VALOR Platform

Blockchain-based securitization
Representation of assets through cryptographic tokens - enabling efficient, instant and secure transfer of value.
Focus on alternative investments
Focus on inaccessible and mostly illiquid assets - as well as safe-haven investments.
Community-driven value creation
A decentralized organization with meritocracy-based rewards for individual contributors.
Democratized access to wealth
Give people around the world an opportunity to protect and grow their wealth.
Fully compliant and licensed platform
The VALOR Platform is in the process of undergoing regulatory approval to act as fully licensed marketplace for alternative investments.

The VALOR Platform in Practice:
The Lifecycle of an Asset

VALOR Platform Layers in Detail


DMZ: Access from the external world to internal services networks.
Business services consuming core applications and (indirectly) core layer services, catering for various business functionalities. This layer is where external developers can create and deploy their own services.
Core Applications
Business services consuming technical services from the core layer, supporting mission critical business processes, like asset issuing or bounty programs.
Core Layer
Main infrastructure, smart contract execution and security services that form the framework on which business-oriented services can be built.
Blockchain Network / Protocol Layer
The underlying VALOR Chain, with dedicated formal governance to manage maintenance and upgrade procedures.
Integration with public Ethereum, other public or private blockchains.

VALOR Platform Components

The components of the VALOR Platform will evolve and expand over time. Most will be open source with external contributors able to build applications on top of the platform.  

Some of the main components are:

Consortium and public blockchain
Certain circumstances require assets to be deployed on the VALOR Chain or another private blockchain - e.g. requirements of asset issuers, regulatory constraints. In other instances assets can be deployed to a public blockchain.
App marketplace
Third party providers or individual contributors can build applications on top of the VALOR Platform. The community can purchase or license these apps via the app marketplace.
ICO platform with tokenization engine
Built-in smart contract sub-modules combine and are parameterized to represent the asset to be tokenized. The existence, legal ownership and status of the underlying assets are ensured via a dedicated process during asset issuance. This includes checking legal documents, institutional audits and notary deposits. Appropriate safeguards (e.g. custody) are taken to check that the token model/smart contract is consistent with the asset.
Task marketplace
The VALOR Platform enables decentralized value creation. Contribute your expertise where you can, with coding, research, performance predictions and more. Positive reviews from the community, a following and accurate performance predictions will build your publicly verifiable reputation and increase your earning potential.
Governance and voting engine
As a decentralised network, the governance of a large proportion of the VALOR Platform is in the hands of the community, who can vote on decisions, contribute to polls, introduce petitions, and more. Some central responsibility is needed at the start of the platform's life, particularly around regulatory compliance matters. But once the community is big enough, with services capable of managing it, more decentralized governance will be sustainable.
Rewards and bounty programs
Active stakeholders can earn rewards from participating in the VALOR Platform in a way that upholds what it stands for. Examples are engagement in opinion polls, being involved in governance matters, giving input on new assets being considered for listing, providing capital and liquidity, etc. The reward program can also be deployed by issuers.
Decentralized auctioning marketplace
A smart contract enabled auction marketplace facilitates price discovery and supports liquidity in infrequently traded assets, for both investors and asset issuers.
Licensed exchange
List and trade asset tokens and cryptocurrency on the VALOR exchange, which accommodates all regulatory constraints.
Authentication and identity 
Robust protocols are in place to authenticate and manage user IDs. Multi-factor authentication is implemented.
Secure custody for crypto assets 
Hold your tokenized assets safely and securely in either VALOR accounts or wallets. Our technology also interfaces seamlessly with hardware wallets.
Portfolio management 
Manage, update and review your VALOR investment portfolio from a user-friendly dashboard, available on desktop and mobile. Integrate risk analysis and performance prediction apps from the app marketplace.

A Fully Compliant, Licensed Platform

The VALOR Platform is backed by SMART VALOR AG, an entity which is in the process of becoming fully compliant and licensed. This is a key competitive advantage for us, as an overwhelming number of crypto exchanges today are not licensed, putting participants at great risk.

The SMART VALOR team has an impressive track record in overcoming the toughest regulatory challenges. Our founder Olga Feldmeier was involved in a groundbreaking regulatory solution in Switzerland for the the world’s largest Bitcoin custodian. We are leading the way, working closely with regulators and actively shaping the regulatory space for blockchain finance in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Only an hour’s drive from our headquarters in Zug, Liechtenstein has taken an active role in making the regulatory adjustments needed for blockchain finance. Because Liechtenstein is part of the European Economic Area, financial institutions registered there have the advantage of ‘passporting’ to (trading in) the rest of the European Union.

Nimble, proactive countries like Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Singapore are on their way to becoming global hubs for crypto finance. Regulatory arbitrage is a core element of our business model, and we believe it will become increasingly important.