SMART VALOR Platform - Marketplace for tokenized investments

The SMART VALOR Platform is a marketplace that directly connects asset issuers and all kinds of investors around the globe.

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The SMART VALOR Platform in Practice:
The Lifecycle of an Asset

Advantages of putting assets on the Blockchain

Decentralized record of ownership
No need to trust a bank or any other centralized institution to keep a safe record of the ownership of your assets.
Smart contract based execution
Self-executing securities based on smart contracts will allow for more complex conditional payment structures to be reflected, automatically. 
Enhanced liquidity
Tokens benefit from blockchain-enabled liquidity and can be traded at any time. This creates greater liquidity in traditionally illiquid asset classes like private equity and physical assets.
Instant execution
The blockchain accommodates both transfer transactions and a record of ownership (ledger). Transfer of ownership is instant - instead of the 2-3 day settlement time on today’s stock exchanges.
Fractional ownership
Tokens represent a tiny fraction of the asset’s value, making investing in that asset more affordable to a wider group of investors.
24/7 access
Just as with cryptocurrencies, tokenized investments can be traded any time, from anywhere.

Users of the Platform

Unlock previously inaccessible investment opportunities and safe-haven protection for their wealth.
Community contributors
Help to shape the future of finance. They earn monetary rewards for their participation and contribution.
Community contributors
Help to shape the future of finance. They earn monetary rewards for their participation and contribution.
Community contributors
Help to shape the future of finance. They earn monetary rewards for their participation and contribution.

SMART VALOR Platform Components

The components of the SMART VALOR Platform will evolve and expand over time. Most will be open source with external contributors able to build applications on top of the platform.

Some of the main components are:

Consortium and public blockchain
The Protocol Layers connects consortium and public blockchains as needed.
App marketplace
Third party providers or individual contributors can build applications on top of the SMART VALOR Platform. The community can purchase or license these apps via the app marketplace.
Public Sale platform with tokenization engine
Built-in smart contract sub-modules represent the asset to be tokenized. The existence, legal ownership and status of the underlying assets are ensured via a dedicated process during asset issuance.
Task marketplace
Contribute your expertise in coding, research, legal, marking.
Governance and voting engine
The community can vote on decisions, contribute to polls, introduce petitions, etc.
Rewards and bounty programs
Active stakeholders and issuers can earn participation rewards on the SMART VALOR Platform.
Decentralized auctioning marketplace
Price discovery and liquidity creation via smart contract-based auctions and dark pools.
Licensed exchange
The first fully licensed Swiss/Liechtenstein-based exchange for listing of security tokens and digital assets.
Authentication and identity 
Robust protocols are in place to authenticate and manage user IDs. Multi-factor authentication is implemented.
Secure custody for crypto assets 
Enterprise grade custody solution in partnership with Ledger.
Portfolio management 
User-friendly dashboard for desktop and mobile to manage, update and review your investment portfolio.

SMART VALOR Platform Layers in Detail


DMZ: Access from the external world to internal services networks.
Business services consuming core applications and (indirectly) core layer services, catering for various business functionalities. This layer is where external developers can create and deploy their own services.
Core Applications
Business services consuming technical services from the core layer, supporting mission critical business processes, like asset issuing or bounty programs.
Core Layer
Main infrastructure, smart contract execution and security services that form the framework on which business-oriented services can be built.
Blockchain Network / Protocol Layer
The underlying VALOR Chain, with dedicated formal governance to manage maintenance and upgrade procedures.
Integration with public Ethereum, other public or private blockchains.

A Fully Compliant, Licensed Platform

The SMART VALOR Platform is backed by SMART VALOR AG, a Swiss Financial Intermediary having been accepted as member of the VQF SRO, an officially recognized self-regulatory organization pursuant to the Swiss Anti-Money Laundering Act. Additionally, the Banking license has been applied for in October. This is a key competitive advantage for us, as an overwhelming number of crypto exchanges today are not licensed, putting participants at great risk.

The SMART VALOR team has an impressive track record in overcoming the toughest regulatory challenges. Our founder Olga Feldmeier was involved in a ground-breaking regulatory solution in Switzerland for the world’s largest Bitcoin custodian. We are leading the way, working closely with regulators and actively shaping the regulatory space for blockchain finance in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Only an hour’s drive from our headquarters in Zug, Liechtenstein has taken an active role in making the regulatory adjustments needed for blockchain finance. Because Liechtenstein is part of the European Economic Area, financial institutions registered there have the advantage of ‘passporting’ into (and trading with) the European Union.

Nimble, proactive countries like Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Singapore are on their way to becoming global hubs for crypto finance. Regulatory arbitrage is a core element of our business model, and we believe it will become increasingly important.