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Secure, democratized access to wealth.

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SMART VALOR presents the blockchain-based VALOR Platform

A decentralized, community-based marketplace for
tokenized alternative investments.

Our mission

Just as the internet democratized access to information, the blockchain will democratize access to value. Building on this technology, the mission of SMART VALOR is to democratize access to best-of-breed finance and provide frictionless and secure access to alternative investments.

Who is the VALOR Platform for?

Unlock previously inaccessible investment opportunities and safe-haven protection for your wealth.
Asset Issuers
Access and engage with new investor audiences. Raise funds faster through guided, fully compliant asset tokenization.
Community Contributors
Be part of a movement that's shaping the future of finance. Contribute to the value being created on the platform and earn monetary rewards.
Service Providers
Cement your position at the forefront of new financial technology by promoting your support services to a captive audience.

What can you find in the VALOR marketplace?

Tokenized alternative investments

Tokenization is the conversion of rights to an asset into a cryptographic token issued on the blockchain. The focus of the VALOR marketplace is on alternative investments and crypto.

Traditional alternative investments constitute a rapidly expanding $7 trillion industry – but while they are highly profitable, these less liquid assets are not easily accessible to average investors. Until tokenization:

Mining Farm
Participate in the revenues of a cryptocurrency mining farm. Own part of the server infrastructure in the form of tokens.
Crypto Fund
Participate in a fund that invests in cryptocurrencies, protocol and utility tokens.
Tokenized Gold or Diamonds
Own physical gold or diamonds, safely stored in a reliable jurisdiction. Tokens are 100% backed by the physical assets.
Venture Capital
Participate in tokenized venture capital or private equity funds. Tokens are more liquid than traditional VC and PE. 
Real Estate Projects
Participate in a tokenized share of a real estate or construction project. 
Project Financing
Contribute to impactful investment projects such as the construction of an off-grid energy facility in Africa. Help create a better world and earn a return on your investment.
Start-up Funding (ICO)
Participate in the initial coin offering of a start-up or growth company.

 Advantages of putting assets on the blockchain:

Decentralized record of ownership
No need to trust a bank or any other centralized institution to keep a safe record of the ownership of your assets. 
Smart contract based execution
Self-executing securities based on smart contracts will allow for more complex conditional payment structures to be reflected, automatically. 
Enhanced liquidity
Tokens benefit from blockchain-enabled liquidity and can be traded at any time. This creates greater liquidity in traditionally illiquid asset classes like private equity and physical assets.
Instant execution
The blockchain accommodates both transfer transactions and a record of ownership (ledger). Transfer of ownership is instant - instead of the 2-3 day settlement time on today’s stock exchanges.
Fractional ownership
Tokens represent a tiny fraction of the asset’s value, making investing in that asset more affordable to a wider group of investors.
24/7 access
Just as with cryptocurrencies, tokenized investments can be traded any time, from anywhere.

Tokens are a frictionless way to transfer the ownership of any asset. This is how everything will be owned in the future.

The VALOR Platform

The VALOR Platform is a secure, blockchain-based decentralized network. It lets asset issuers create and distribute tokenized alternative investment solutions.

Platform Layers

The VALOR Platform consists of several layers. It is both a platform with applications, services and interfaces (including toward public blockchains like Ethereum as well as private blockchains), and a network, as we embed the VALOR Chain.

The VALOR Chain has nodes distributed among key ecosystem participants (consortium blockchain). It addresses the need to cope with today’s regulatory constraints (e.g. controlling the transaction source and recipient for some assets) and to track all unitary operations more efficiently. The interface with an external permissionless blockchain will be used to regularly anchor the state of the VALOR blockchain.

We will continue to lobby and work towards regulatory openness, so that the VALOR Chain can gradually be opened up.

What are the key components of the VALOR Platform?

Marketplace for initial listings of asset-backed tokens
Licensed exchange for secondary market trading 
Secure custody for tokenized assets
Task and service marketplace for contributors
Fully compliant onboarding of investors (KYC/AML)
Decentralized auctioning marketplace for trading illiquid assets 
Rewards program for investors and contributors
Community-based governance and voting

How does the community participate?

Do you share our vision for democratized wealth? To succeed, we need an active community.  A strong community will create value and benefit everyone in it.

Contribute to value creation
Earn rewards through investing on the platform, or by contributing your expertise where you can, with coding, research, performance prediction and more. 
Build your reputation
Build your publicly verifiable reputation and increase your earning potential. Be part of it no matter where you are.
Participate in governance
Vote on strategic decisions and help to shape the future development of the VALOR Platform. 

About Us

We led Bitcoin regulatory transformation in Switzerland and the creation of Swiss Crypto Valley.

We are a Swiss-based company, founded in Zug in early 2017. We also have offices in Munich and Paris.

SMART VALOR is hosted by the Thomson Reuters Incubator.

We are listed as one of Europe’s 10 Most Exciting Technology SMEs for 2018 by Forbes.

“We have been looking for startups who are exploring blockchain technology and we have been particularly impressed with the vision and talent of the SMART VALOR team.”

Sam Chadwick
Director of Strategy and Innovation at Reuters

“I am excited to be part of the vision of SMART VALOR creating the first global tokenized marketplace. In Switzerland SMART VALOR is uniquely positioned at the intersection of new technology and opening regulation.”

Markus Rinderer
Barikuta Partners

Leadership Team

Olga Feldmeier
Founder and CEO
Oliver Feldmeier
Julien Bringer, PhD
Chief Security and Cryptography Expert
Thomas Felber

Advisors and Contributing Experts

Markus Rinderer
Founder: PAY.ON
Stéphane Pictet
Serial entrepreneur and investor
Denis Shulakov
1st Vice President of Gazprombank
John Henry Clippinger
Chief Innovation Officer and Co-founder at swytch.io, Founder of the Token Commons Foundation
Alain Falys
Co-founder and Chairman of Yoyo Wallet (UK); technology entrepreneur, business executive, investor
Yessin Schiegg
Ex-Advisory Board Member of Ethereum Foundation, CFO of Status.im
Daniel Kornitzer
EVP & Chief Business Development Officer at Paysafe Group