New on SMART VALOR: Link your bank account and buy crypto instantly

Wednesday, July 6, 2022


A new service in cooperation with the Swiss bank Dukascopy enables instant crypto brokerage on the SMART VALOR platform. All it takes is a few clicks to link your SMART VALOR account to your Dukascopy bank account. This way, buying, selling and trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies becomes even more convenient. The new feature is now activated for all customers. 

We always have been committed to making investing and trading with cryptocurrencies as easy as possible. Therefore, we are excited to offer a new service together with Dukascopy for a faster and user-friendly experience on our exchange.

With the new option "Link Bank Account", you now have the possibility to buy and trade crypto instantly. All you need is an account with the Swiss Dukascopy bank, which you can set up free of charge. You can then link this account to your SMART VALOR account in just a few simple steps and benefit from instant crypto brokerage. 



Crypto made easy and secure

Another important principle at SMART VALOR is to provide our clients with maximum security. This commitment is also met by our partners: Dukascopy is an innovative Swiss online banking account. The bank is regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA.  

The integration of Dukascopy enables easy and secure access to digital assets with instant brokerage. Usually, before buying crypto you had to pre-fund your SMART VALOR account. This means when sending money from your bank account through wire transfer you had to wait approximately two working days, depending on the banks involved, for the money to arrive in your wallet.  

With the new payment option, this step is no longer necessary. This is a big advantage because time is literally money in crypto. For example, you can buy the dip immediately when you think the time is right. 

The advantages of linking your SMART VALOR account with Dukascopy: 

  • Buy and sell crypto instantly  
  • Comfortable all-in-one solution 
  • Secure processing with two established Swiss companies.

How to link your bank account

To use the new service, simply link your SMART VALOR account to your Dukascopy bank account. You can do this directly on our platform in just a few steps. 



The simple steps to linking your accounts: 

  1. Log in to SMART VALOR and choose “Link Bank Account” in your account settings 
  2. On the following page, click the button “Link Bank Account” 
  3. You will be directed to the login at Dukascopy. Log in to your Dukascopy account and sign the agreement for direct settlement 

After successful linking, two custody accounts are automatically created with Dukascopy – EUR and CHF. These so-called “partner fiat sub-accounts” are available to you at the bank. They enable the automated buying and selling of cryptocurrencies on our digital asset exchange. 

How to buy and sell crypto?

To buy digital assets, simply follow the same steps as you have always done on our exchange: 

  1. Log in to your SMART VALOR account 
  2. Go to Buy/Sell and enter the amount of crypto you want to buy  
  3. Select “Dukascopy Bank” as the payment method  

You don’t have a bank account on Dukascopy yet? No problem, here is what to do: 

Open an account with Dukascopy

Dukascopy offers different types of accounts – choose the Multi-Currency Account (MCA). The account opening process is instant, you just need your identity card and your mobile for the online video identification. The opening is free of charge and there are no account maintenance fees for an account balance below $50,000. Find all details here




After completing the linking procedure as described above two new sub-accounts (EUR and CHF) will be added to your Multi-Currency Account. You can find them on the Dukascopy home page in the section “Partner Accounts”. These sub-accounts are intended solely for buying and selling crypto assets on the exchange. 

Ready for instant crypto trading? Log in to your SMART VALOR account now and link your bank account.