Your one-stop solution for banking and crypto 

Benefit from unique, fully integrated banking and crypto exchange service, provided by Nasdaq-listed crypto exchange and a Swiss bank.



Bring your entire firm under one integrated banking and crypto infrastructure – powered by two Swiss brands 

Made for Web3 innovators

Web3 Technology companies
AI Companies
Crypto foundations and projects


A full suite of crypto services for Web3 companies

As a fully licensed, compliant crypto exchange registered with the FMA in Liechtenstein and headquartered in Switzerland, we offer Web3 companies the full range of crypto related services:

Exchange and trading

Secure custody


Fiat-on and off-ramp


Token listings

Private token sales

Treasury management





All the banking services your business will ever need

From bank accounts and payments to FX and security brokerage - leverage the full suite of banking services provided by our Swiss partner bank, Dukascopy.

Banking related services

Physical IBAN accounts
Interest earning accounts
Foreign exchange
Securities brokerage
Corporate cards


Banking and crypto services under one roof

No more sending money between an exchange and a bank: the fiat in your corporate bank account is the fiat which is instantly available for trading on the exchange. Better access, better security, less mistakes.



Secure your banking access by doing crypto in a compliant way on SMART VALOR

Access to banking has become an existential threat for crypto companies. Banks refuse to work with crypto companies which engage on non-compliant crypto exchanges. We offer a better alternative:

We apply the best AML monitoring technology to crypto flows – this keeps your crypto clean.

We connected our exchange with the platform of our banking partner. You keep your exchange fiat in your bank account.



Make your capital work for you

Use our treasury management services or do it yourself and earn:

Interest on your fiat account
Staking rewards on your crypto
Yield on securities in your portfolio






Keep your CRYPTO CLEAN & access to BANKING SECURE 

As an expanding Web3 company you need to focus on building. Leave the operational details and financial management to our experienced crypto and banking teams. Build on our legitimacy and trust.

 SMART VALOR is an FMA registered, AML compliant crypto exchange headquartered in Switzerland (Zug).
 Dukascopy is a FINMA licenced bank and security dealer headquartered in Switzerland (Geneva).
 SMART VALOR is Europe’s only Nasdaq-listed crypto exchange.

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