List on Europe’s only Nasdaq listed crypto exchange 



Strengthen your brand through our legitimacy

SMART VALOR complies with strict requirements of a Nasdaq-listed company: full financial transparency, high investor protection and excellent corporate governance. Not many can do that. Worldwide, there are only two crypto exchanges listed on NASDAQ: us and Coinbase.


Alumni of Thomson Reuters

Europe's 10 Most Exciting 
Technology SMEs

Grant by Swiss Innovation

Lions Den Switzerland

Gain fast-track access to Crypto Valley 

SMART VALOR offers you the best access to Crypto Valley. With us, you benefit from all the advantages that that Web3 companies and projects based in Switzerland and Liechtenstein enjoy today.

Investor access: Switzerland is the world’s biggest center for managing offshore wealth at $2.3 trillion.

Regulatory clarity: Liechtenstein and Switzerland are among the most advanced countries in Europe for crypto regulation.

Trust and prestige: you belong to an exclusive circle of top crypto projects in Crypto Valley.



Join the most reputable Web3 builders based in Crypto Valley


Our token related services for Web3 companies 

Primary listing during the token launch to strengthen your
legitimacy and brand

Secondary listing to access Swiss market

Fully compliant private pre-sale and execution




What makes a listing on SMART VALOR unique?  

Market Access: the only way to access to Crypto Valley. No other exchanges headquarted in Switzerland currently offer listing services and local banking on-ramp.

CHF Liquidity: we offer investors and trader regulator’s approval and the most liquid markets for CHF trading pairs.

Compliance: the first exchange to get regulatory approval from both the FMA Liechtenstein and Swiss SRO VQF in 2018.

Credibility: Deep trust among investors and regulators as the only the only crypto exchange headquartered in Switzerland and the only Nasdaq-listed in Europe.


Make our legitimacy and local roots your assets



SMART VALOR team during Nasdaq listing ceremony in Zurich, Feb 2022.


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